Master luthier Scott Baxendale commissioned to restore Elvis Presley's guitars at Graceland

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Scott Baxendale with Elvis Presley's 1956 Gibson J-200.

Master luthier Scott Baxendale (once long-time owner of the Colfax Guitar Shop and now has his own shop and lutherie academy in Athens, Georgia) has repaired or restored guitars for a ton of legendary players over the last four decades, including Billy Gibbons, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Jr., Steve Howe and Elvis Costello. Now he can add Elvis Presley to the list, as Baxendale was recently commissioned to restore and maintain the King's Graceland guitar collection.

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"About a year or so ago we did one of our Conversion guitars for Lera Lynn, who was relocating from Athens to Nashville," Baxendale says, explaining how the opportunity presented itself. "At some point, she met up with Buddy Miller, who loved the guitar, and so he ordered one from us. We rebuilt a late '40s Kay super jumbo for him. Then he ran into Michael Lockwood and Lisa Marie Presley. Michael fell in love with the Kay, so we rebuilt a couple for him."

Last month, Lisa Marie Presley recently performed at the Jungle Room at Graceland, and at that point, Baxendale says they realized that several of the guitars in the Elvis collection were in bad need of repair. So Lockwood did some research and found out that Baxendale used to take care of the guitars in the Hard Rock Cafe's Collection, as well as the Roy Acuff collection at Opryland. Butch Walker also put in a good word, evidently, resulting in Baxendale being asked to take care of the instruments.

Baxendale says he's heading back to Graceland in February to start working on the guitars, and is excited to work on all of them, especially Presley's 1956 Gibson J-200 acoustic, which, he says, is the most iconic and most valuable of the King's guitars.

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Hey Bax,  Chris in KS.  Cool gig for Presley man.  Haven't  talked since the paper lady found the ES150 in the trash.  She sold it for $3000.00. Shit Barry Brown was going to pay $4500.00 but she didn't wait.  Get this.  A loser repairman at a 40 yr.  Old music store removed the dot at third fret cause it was cracked. He put in a new dot for $100.  Anyway I'm putting a few tunes on YouTube soon. Eddie and his son are helping. I have a 30's leDomino parlor guitar for sale. Black w/spruce top sounds real nice. I've got dozens of machined 6 and 12 string necks also and some awesome figured maple and some mahogany from the old shop.  Well  done for now.  Let me know whatever.  Old friends should stay in touch.  Later Bax.  Chris

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