The ten best EDM albums of 2013

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It was another big year for EDM, with some memorable people, places and moments. And there were a slew of chart-topping releases from producers, massive releases whether you dig the harder styles of four-on-the-floor big-room bangers or the soft trance melodies. There were a lot of hot releases in 2013, almost too many to count. Of all the music that was released, there were ten records that stood out from the pack to us. Here are the ten best EDM albums of 2013.

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10. Sweater Beats - That Feel (Symbols Recordings)
New York producer Sweater Beats (aka Antonio Cuna) makes the kind of smoothed out dance music that closes down a night better than anything else. That Feel is filled with sexy melodies, namely "Do It For Me," which features Erin Marshall's sweet voice laying down a love song. Basically, this album is all sex, wrapped up in a sweet package of mellow, downtempo cuts.

9. Major Lazer - Free The Universe (Secretly Canadian)
Major Lazer takes the credit on this album, but the countless frequent flyers in the EDM world that are featured on it really add to the momentum of the whole piece. Aside from "Bubble Butt," the rump shakin' throw down designed to make girls twerk their dignity away, "Jah No Partial" gets a good nod, as does the Ezra Koenig feature on "Jessica." Dance much? Then you definitely Major Lazer.

8. Low Steppa - The Cloak (Simma Black)
House music, once again, rules the charts. U.K. producer Low Steppa brought the bounce with The Cloak and subsequently, brought a chain of remixes right after the release. "Dub 2" keeps the pace of the whole album -- a steady house beat with a deep bass line -- but everything is really summed up on the closer, "Thoughts."

7. Kill Paris - To A New Earth< (OWSLA)
The now Boulder resident released this three track EP, and with it, came a slew of new fans. The songs border on the banging dubstep side of things, but the melodies are on point with what a party needs to get turnt up. It's mellow in its mood, but funky in the bass and flute sounds found on "Catch You."

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Definitely 1 of the best lists I've seen. Only exception would be avicii's god awful album but everything else, spot on!

Heather Doozer
Heather Doozer

all the REALLY good stuff is underground, DYI, and very unlikely to be recognized by popular 'edm' fains so, nope. FAIL

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