Bop Skizzum calling it a day, set to play its final show at the Gothic Theatre on Valentine's Day

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After more than a decade in the scene, Bop Skizzum is calling it a day. Founder and guitarist Andy Guerrero (aka Andy Rok) broke the news to fans last night on the group's website. "I've been doing this for a long time," he writes. "For over ten years and counting, I've been a full-time musician and I've played with a number of different bands. The one band that has always been 'my band' through all those years, however, has been Bop Skizzum.

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"That's not to say Bop Skizzum has always been the same band. It hasn't," he continues. "We've gone through plenty of lineup changes and changed our style more than a handful of times. Truth be told, whenever I wanted to try something new, it's been really easy to avoid putting a label on it simply by tagging it 'Bop Skizzum.'

"Musicians out there will agree with me when I say that keeping a band together isn't exactly easy. These years of my life have been spent learning every life lesson you can imagine. If you've never been in a band, you should try it sometime. What I've learned from being in a band has made me a better husband, friend and businessperson. When it comes to growing as a person, music is a gift that never stops giving.

What I've learned most recently is that when it's time to change, you have to embrace it. The current members of Bop Skizzum (myself included) have come so far as artists and people in the past few years, and we've decided it's time to pursue our curiosities to their fullest and follow our own individual paths."

Continue on to read the band's full farewell message, and then catch Bop Skizzum's final show on Friday, February 14, at the Gothic Theatre, for the act's annual Nerd Prom. Also, keep an eye out for Guerrero's new band, Andy Rok and the Real Deal, which he says he hopes to debut within the next three to six months.

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