The best EDM in Denver in January

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FRI | KILL THE NOISE at BETA | 1/17/14
Finding success in signing with Skrillex's OWSLA record label, Kill the Noise has grown into one of the heaviest producers currently touring. Jake Stanczak, the brains behind the operation, has been developing Kill the Noise's sound for years. His powerhouse club bangers melt with melodic pianos and tease the fringes of metal anthems. This burgeoning genre -- this lovely-meets-heavy blend -- blasts from the speakers, leaving you in a state of seizing bliss. Catch Stanczak at Beta, with Fury and MC Dozha. In the Beatport Lounge, Josh Manke and Sergei Loginov host underground techno love.

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Christian Srigley and Leighton James burst onto the scene around 2009 and haven't stopped putting out big tracks since. With a Flight Facilities remix of "Crave You" and a collaborative track with Krewella called "Rise and Fall," Adventure Club has become a household name among the club-goers and major festival fans.

SAT | DESTRUCTO at BETA | 1/25/14
HARD Events founder and twenty-year veteran DJ Gary Richards -- also known as Destructo on festival bills -- has been putting on electronic-music parties under the HARD moniker since 2007. Richards has developed a following by successfully curating programs that cater to a variety of tastes; there's always something for everyone, whether it's the heavy-bass aficionado or the chilled-out groovehound who salivates at the sound of downtempo melodies.

THURS | BT at BETA | 1/9/14
BT (Brian Transeau to his parents, wife and friends) helped push trance to its lushest, most symphonic and bombastic heights; his tracks are among the most recognizable and iconic in the genre. Outside of being possibly the world's top trance producer, he's also produced some pretty well-known pop hits and branched out within the dance world to embrace breakbeats, electro and other styles. In the studio, he's known as a total perfectionist, to the point of developing his own software to get the results he's after. It's not all buttons and knobs, though: BT was classically trained, and his tracks are as musical as they are technical. -- Cory Casciato

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