Fresh Colorado EDM from Wuki, Decadon, option4 and Dawn Safari and DJ Chap


Back with another edition of In the Mix, where we spotlight new dance tracks and mixes from local producers and DJs. This week, OWSLA's Wuki (pictured above) offers up some fresh sounds from the next page in dance music, Decadon keeps the trap in check on his mini-mix, Option4 drops another remix, and Dirty//Clean makes an appearance with a track from DJ Chap and Dawn Safari.

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Wuki - "Framework"
"Framework," which just dropped on the OWSLA imprint, is built on simplicity and with a refreshing lack of the drab nonsense drops that are found in so much electronic dance music these days. This is the kind of music that's actually made for dancing. Sure, EDM is a blanket term, but this is the stuff that keeps the movement progressing, because it's just different enough to seem fresh and new.

Decadon - "Thump" Mini Mix
Now that "Harlem Shake" has ruined everyone's perception of trap music, we were hesitant to give this mix a shot, as that particular track is included here, but the rework on the song was just fine. There are also some dubstep tracks mixed in that offer a little more substance than your typical "lean wit' it" vibes that trap usually induces, and the overall mix serves as a great teaser for what Decadon (aka Donnie Miller) will bring to TRAPFest this spring.

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