Fresh Colorado hip-hop from Musa Bailey, Trev Rich, Kid Vegas and Cool Ray

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Ryan P. Bilawsky

Back with another fresh batch of homegrown hip-hop. This week we've got new releases from Musa Bailey, who takes listeners on a musical ride through the West with How to Survive When You're Dead, plus new cuts from Trev Rich, Kid Vegas and newcomer Cool Ray. Continue on to see what's good.

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Musa Bailey - How to Survive When You're Dead
The production on Musa Bailey's latest project is masterful. Musa describes the project as a Western, and that description fits. The production is organic, built on a foundation of guitars, piano and strings along with samples from classic films and original content that tells a tale of tragedy and revenge.

Trev Rich - "Migraines"
"Migraines" is from Trev Rich's latest release, Heights 3. Since appearing on Joe Budden's mixtape, Trev has capitalized on the increased exposure by dropping solid releases like this one. The project is both lyrical and relevant as Trev laces patterns with lines like "I'm pretty sure/Being this dope at 24/Deserves some Kobe hate/I knew I'd be this dope since I was eight."

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