Fresh Colorado hip-hop from the Soul Pros, Mr. Midas, Spoke In Wordz and Aires Jackson

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Back with another fresh batch of local hip-hop. This week, we've got a little something for everybody; whether you dig the old-school vibe of the Soul Pros, the futuristic sounds of Aires Jackson or something more reflective of this era, we think you'll come away satisfied. Along with cuts from those acts, Mr. Midas brings the attitude to "Ask About Me" and Spoke In Wordz goes HAM on "What I'm After," with help from Detour. Keep reading to see what's good.

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The Soul Pros - "$OUL'D OUT"
When it comes to creating beats that are utterly grooveable, A-L is making some of the best beats out there. Although this track came out in September with the rest of the $OUL'D OUT EP, the video is brand-spankin'-new, and the song is too nice to miss. The chemistry between A-L and the simple-spoken Mike Wird, a frequent collaborator, is unmistakable. The lyrics from Pavlo Kee are considerably more labored, but fit equally well. The threads tying the composition together are the heart and soul that permeate every element of the track.

Mr. Midas - "Ask About Me"
Over a simple, hypnotic beat, Mr. Midas boasts effortlessly, and his delivery is self-assured and full of personality. Coming from Midas's upcoming release, Red Cards Green Bottles, "Ask About Me" is a dope song, because Midas's swagger is infectious. We feel as ill as Midas sounds while the track is playing, and that's what makes it work.

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