Ten reasons I love Lil B, and why you should, too!


I'm a huge Lil B fan. Now I wouldn't call myself a Stan -- although that would probably be entirely accurate -- but that's only because I don't reference my love for Lil B in the context of other rappers' songs. That would be an affront to The BasedGod. Lil B must be held in a category apart from all other rappers because he isn't like other rappers, and that's why I love him. Keep reading for the ten reasons I love Lil B -- and why you should, too!

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10. He isn't afraid to challenge taboos.
Lil B, with particular regard to taboos about sexuality, is fearless. He calls himself a pretty bitch, says he's finer than his bitch and titled his debut album I'm Gay. But this oft-heralded quality goes both ways. Not only is he not afraid to offend the prudes of society, he's not afraid to offend the sensible with songs called "Violate that Bitch" and "Look Like Jesus," in which he proclaims that hoes are on his dick because, you guessed it, he looks like Jesus. Hip-hop has long held itself out to be a counter-culture movement, but the culture of hip-hop has become so ingrained in mainstream culture these days, there's little friction anymore. Lil B will offend you at some point, and that's how you know he's doing something right.

9. He doesn't give a fuck what you think. Really.
There are plenty of rappers that "don't give a fuck what you think." In fact, they give so few fucks what you think, they'll dedicate entire songs to making sure you really, really know how little they care. And then here is Lil B, putting out release after release of artistic vulnerability and material that is questionable in every way but for the fact that he only could have made it for himself and the rabid fans who love him for exactly who he is.

8. He's self-aware.
Don't kid yourself. Lil Boss knows how to put together a rhyme. If you think he's toiling over lyrics to "Ellen Degeneres," you're fooling yourself. There are a number of songs where B cuts deep lyrically and sports a perfectly acceptable, traditionally rhyming flow, but he chooses not to most of the time. Why? Because it's so much more entertaining this way. There are a lot of clueless rappers that call themselves the GOAT. At least B does it with a smile on his face.

7. He's funny.
"I'm a lesbian, man. I only fuck bitches," "I got 56 bitches. I got 51 bitches. I got 13 problems. I got bitches that'll solve them. I might be a mathematician cause the money I be getting" -- this is just the tip of the iceberg. Needless to say, there's plenty of talk about bitches, which isn't unusual, but rarely is the subject of bitches treated with such levity. Other rappers are very serious about their bitches.

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Lil B will be the first rapper since Wayne to sell past the million dollar mark when he finally goes major and puts out a real album you can buy in stores.


Tupac is dead,Nas is doing ok,Wayne slipped,Lil B is the best right now.

100 percent original.ain't nobody like him.



@OP you admire this young black man because he has had enough of the limitations being imposed on what he can say or do .. you admire him because of your fear of how society may perceive people that act out against the status quo.. you need to love yourself first .. now there's some BASED shit for your ass


Jónatas Roze
Jónatas Roze

So basically you love him for the same three reasons over and over and over again.


I would have fired you if you worked for me and wrote this article. Stops hiring 90s babys for music, only 80s babies can appropriatly appreciate ALL music.


I'm just going to go ahead and completely disagree with this entire article. Lil B represents everything that's wrong with Hip Hop. I have not met one person who actually listens to him on a regular basis. The lesbian line, is stolen, his rhymes are stupid. He's like a west coast Soulja Boy. I'm not a hater, i just hate crappy hip hop. 


@cheezeywangdang haha I was thinking the same thing about the writer, that it must be some hipster 90's baby trying to make a point that nobody agrees with lmao. The only thing I am a fan of Lil B for are his beats, which are a waste of beats if you ask me. 

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