Pixies at Fillmore Auditorium, 2/13/14

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Brandon Marshall

Best Coast opened the show and seemed like a perfect opening act for Pixies. Bethany Cosentino has never seemed to lack for confidence performing in this band, and this night was no exception, even when she admitted to being nervous because the band was opening for Pixies on the current leg of the tour. If she was indeed nervous, you couldn't tell; Cosentino's vocals were even more assured than on earlier tours, and her singing has become more expressive and evocative.

Brandon Marshall

The newer songs showed a great deal of growth in the band's songwriting out of the summery pop that characterized its earlier material. The act played some of its best and most popular early songs in "Crazy For You," "Boy Friend," "Our Deal" and "When I'm With You." The title track to 2013's Fade Away was especially strong and exemplified where this band has been headed over the last four years. It proved to be the standout song of a set wherein the opening band didn't play like the junior partner on the bill but as the excellent modern band that it is.

Brandon Marshall


Fillmore Auditorium - 2/13/14
Denver, CO

01. Bone Machine
02. Something Against You [after tease of Wave of Mutilation]
03. U-Mass
04. Broken Face
05. Crackity Jones
06. Hey
07. Motorway to Roswell
08. Indie Cindy
09. Nimrod's Son
10. "Silver Snail"
11. Break My Body
12. Brick is Red
13. Here Comes Your Man
14. La La Love You
15. Mr. Grieves
16. In Heaven [Peter Ivers cover]
17. Andro Queen
18. Wave of Mutilation [slow version]
19. Bagboy
20. Caribou
21. Magdalena
22. Cactus
23. Blue Eyed Hexe
24. Monkey Gone To Heaven
25. Gouge Away
26. What Goes Boom
27. The Sad Punk
28. Isla de Encanta
29. Head On [Jesus and Mary Chain cover]
30. Debaser
31. Tame
32. Planet of Sound


33. Greens and Blues
34. Where Is My Mind?
35. Vamos


Personal Bias:I picked up Doolittle in 1989 under the impression it was a heavy metal album. I didn't fully get it. I got bored with metal a year later, though, and Doolittle became a bit of a life changer. I've been a big fan of Pixies since.
Random Detail: Ran into Heath March of Quantum Creep, Doug Mioducki formerly of Felt Pilotes and currently of CP-208 and Heather Oviatt-Mioducki formerly of The North Americans at the show.
By the Way: This was a far better show in every single way from the time I saw Pixes in 2004.

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Fillmore Auditorium

1510 Clarkson St., Denver, CO

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Chris Vann
Chris Vann

Caught the SLC show. Still have a ringing in my ears!

Maegan Barnett
Maegan Barnett

Brittney Cunningham Matthew Cory Cunningham Deena Palmer ;-)


I had a lot of fun last night; the stupid Fillmore continues to be a disappointing venue, though.  There are nulls in that room unlike any venue in Denver.  Anyone think this phenomenon has gotten worse now with sound companies providing line array systems?

The band wasn't perfect, but that's what I want to see in a live performance -- the capacity stumble a little bit or explode at any moment.  Black hasn't lost an inch off his voice and Lovering still plays with an energy that not many can.  Paz also served as a more than satisfactory replacement on bass and harmonies.  I've never paid $60 to see a show in my life, but that's the band you open your wallet for.

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