Tour Diary: Project Aspect and Unlimited Gravity check in from the road on their first tour

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The scene in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Over the next few weeks, we will be following Project Aspect (Jay Jaramillo) and Unlimited Gravity (Ronnie Weberg) as they tour around the country on their first national tour. The pair have grown together collectively in the scene as the Mile High Sound Movement. The two will crisscross the country before returning to Denver on Saturday, March 1, for a show at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom. In the meantime, these rising producers will check in from the road to share the struggles of tour life.

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Lincoln, Nebraska

After having some much needed R&R, we have finally had a chance to properly reflect back on the first four shows of The Triple Threat Tour.

Wow, what a journey it has been...

The third stop on the tour was Sioux Falls, SD. This city is also very special to us in many ways. Ronnie attended school at University of Siouz Falls while living with his family who, coincidentally, still lived out there. While Ronnie attended school there we were able to start a brand new music scene from scratch by putting together house parties and performing for packed living rooms. Eventually, this grew to become one of the strongest electronic music scenes we have been able to perform in. Much like Denver, Sioux Falls is just as much a home for The Mile High Sound Movement.

Arriving to Sioux Falls in the same packed car with four people and all of our gear overflowing, we stopped at Ronnie's family's house to drop off our bags and get situated. The home was extremely welcoming and comfortably accommodating to all of us. After that, we said our usual "WHAT'S THE BEST THING TO EAT OUT HERE?"

We knew just the spot.

TC's Referee was the choice to be made. Needless to say, we grubbed down like ummm... uh... BOSSES.

When we got to Big's Sports Bar, the venue, we were not sure what to expect production wise. We walked into a pool hall bar and literally watched it transform into a music venue. Sound check is always a very important thing to us, especially with Unlimited Aspect, because we use so much different live sound it is critical to dial it in correctly before the show. After quite a bit of time of tweaking the sound and using every last second before doors opened -- although not ideal -- the sound proved to bump to any bass heads standards.

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