The ten best Denver album covers of the past year

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Editor: Westword's 2014 Best of Denver issue is on news stands now. You can peruse several hundred categories to find your next meal, night out or whatever thing you're into. And while we're thrilled with the results, we encountered plenty of debate while determining our favorites across this great city.

As part of effort to encourage discussion about Denver, we'll present a few of our runners-up on Backbeat. Please feel free to let us know what you think in the comments. Up first: Best Album Cover.

Danger Nonsense, Discharge

10. Dangerous Nonsense | Discharge

This trio isn't a crust punk band nor is the cover an appropriate black and white. But the name of the band reflects a recognition and rejection of the negative elements that are injected into society and our own psyches from birth. The tree bearing AK-47s, symbolizing potential and active damage and violence, is the fruit of all of that. Heavy concept, beautifully evocative imagery.

Genessier, Graces The Bone

9. Genessier | Graces The Bone

Really a manipulated image of a parking garage in Oklahoma, this cover, if you look at it too long, gives you the chills. It looks like these guys got an image out of Pripyat, Ukraine and imagined it as a secret base for a cult of serial killers that only listens to Coil and Einsturzende Neubauten.

Lil Thunder, Razor Blades and Sunshin

8. Lil' Thunder | Razor Blades & Sunshine

Inspired by one of singer Marie Litton's childhood photos, Aaron Ray created an image that is part faerie tale, part myth and part underground comic art. It is evokes a shamanistic quality with the pure white eyes suggesting personal illumination and an attainment of wisdom without losing the childhood capacity to imagine a more fantastic world full of possibility.

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