After-parties at Lost Lake Lounge feature DJ sets by more and more Bluebird headliners

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Ashley Rogers
For national acts touring through Denver, "the party doesn't have to stop at the encore," says Lipgloss co-founder Michael Trundle (boyhollow). Instead, bands can walk across the street from the Bluebird, fresh from playing to a packed crowd, and deejay at Lost Lake Lounge. They did twice last weekend: On Friday, Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band held an after-party there. And on Saturday it was Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Outside the club, circa midnight Saturday, about forty people stood in a line outside Lost Lake. Some were shivering, some were eating pizza from down the block, and some were engaged in the usual flirting and texting and low-level cavorting. Meanwhile, across the street at the Bluebird, most folks were still in the venue.

The Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. show came to a close, and some concert-goers began skipping their way across Colfax as if they were playing a live-action game of Frogger. Their Bluebird tickets got them a discount at Lost Lake, as they usually do for these after-parties.

Still, not all those shivering in front of the Lounge were there for the after-party. Stoner rocker Dead Meadow was in the middle of a set in the Lost Lake's back room. Within a span of only about fifteen minutes, the band would finish its show and break down equipment while Trundle and a couple of guys brought up the DJ equipment. A growing crowd of drunken scenesters milled about and jockeyed for a spot at the bar.

Ashley Rogers

An LCD Soundsystem song played at high volume right after Dead Meadow finished its decidedly un-dancy set. The place emptied out while a new crowd moved in. Here came the Bluebird crowd, not ready for the night to end.

After Trundle set up for the band-turned-DJs and grabbed two shots of Jameson for them, he took a minute to tell us how one of Denver's best dive bars has turned into an occasional dance club.

"Sometimes bands don't want to hit the road or go back to their hotel after their gig," he says. Nearby, a drunk guy put his hands on a girl's head. (Advice: Don't do this.)

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Lost Lake Lounge

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Only about 1/2 of the door money goes to the band or DJ.  You shouldn't have to pay $12 to see an after party for a band you already paid to see, but all the Lost Lake is concerned with now is making money.  Bottom line.

Robert Lerma
Robert Lerma

And lost lake is in the middle of "construction" they shouldn't be open till it's done, it's a mess in there

Jenna Pywell
Jenna Pywell

yeah' cept its total bullshit when you pay to see the show and then are expected to pay a $12 cover afterwards.


It's not "bullshit." The bands don't play the after-parties for free, just like you probably don't do any extra work at your job for free. Covers are charged to pay them their fees. If you don't want to pay the cover then don't go.

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