Need & Necessity are finding old ways to build Denver's dance-music scene

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Matt Friedman and Ross Kiser, co-founders of Denver-based Night Supply Records, are making quite a name for themselves as house duo Need & Necessity, doing everything from playing house parties at the University of Colorado in Boulder, where they went to school, to curating shows with The Hundred founder Brennen Bryarly (aka option4). On the production end, the East Coast natives are creating sounds similar to those coming out of the U.K. With roots in hip-hop and funk, Need & Necessity is part of the latest wave of house-music producers helping to make the Mile High City a go-to spot for great dance music. They play on Saturday at Vinyl with Kevin Saunderson

Westword: Why do you think that so many rising producers are rooted in hip-hop?

Ross Kiser: From a musical standpoint, I love hip-hop and the lyricism, but the art behind the beats really caught my eye. A lot of the sounds that are used in old-school hip-hop beats and late-'90s hip-hop -- a lot of those sounds got implemented into house music with the Roland 808 drum machine. I think that the tie is between the sounds. A lot of the hardware is the same, but aside from that, the idea of house sped up hip-hop beats with the breaks.

Matt Friedman: I wouldn't link it right there, but I think that the connection is in being fascinated with how beats are put together. I think it's an interesting thing to look at. Not everyone I know who produces dance music and likes dance music is rooted in hip-hop, but a lot of the people do have their roots there.

What are you producing with live? Are you using turntables?

MF: When we play out -- we have residencies at NORAD on Fridays and Saturdays at Vinyl, and those are parties that we've been doing with Brennen Bryarly from The Hundred and Home Denver -- we use CDJs or turntables. We used to use Traktor and a laptop, but we ditched that a couple years ago. We got rid of what is, in our opinion, unnecessary to the deejaying process.

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