Ian Cooke plays the Science Lounge, where there's booze, bear suits and plenty of gluesticks

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Ashley Rogers
At last night's Science Lounge at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, I asked a grown woman what drew her into a fishbowl full of craft supplies to make her own mini diorama, and this is what she said: "I was like, ooh! There's glue sticks in there!"

Hot glue does have an undeniable magical pull on folks who fondly remember craft time in summer camp. At this month's Science Lounge event, after hours museum-goers were invited to relive their childhood hobbies while sipping on cocktails. And everyone was totally into it.

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The Science Lounge is a way the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, which usually caters to young families, tries to draw in a crowd in their 20s and 30s. Julia Spalding-Beegles, Adult Programs Coordinator, says that it has proven to be a very popular night. The theme of last night's event -- dioramas -- is one they've done before. But this time it came with an extra hook: the museum was showing Ian Cooke's animated short film/extended music video, Cassowary and Fruit Bat, which was inspired by a diorama in the DMNS Australia exhibit.

Ashley Rogers

Cassowary and Fruit Bat was the centerpiece of the night. The filmmakers were on site to speak with visitors and show off props from the film, which played twice in the museum's theatre. Cooke also played two live sets in the Morgridge Family Exploration Center. Considering the kind of crowds that Ian Cooke usually draws, his sets were sparsely attended. People milled in and out, munching on chicken wings in between stints at the museum's other activity stations. For his part, Cooke played two solid performances. He rolled out work that he's put together for Wonderbound, a ballet collaboration with Lighthouse Writers Workshop and Ballet Nouveau Colorado. With trademark quirky charm, he introduced the dreamy instrumental piece thusly: "It doesn't have words, so you're just gonna have to, like, listen to it."

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Sher Quintana
Sher Quintana

50 is the new 30 why the age limit? Us old farts want to do crafts!!

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