Here's what my cat thinks of the new War on Drugs album, with photos and video

Mark Sanders
The War on Drugs released its new album Lost in the Dream today. The band also plays the Bluebird on March 26. Here's what's going to happen now: I'm going to listen to the new War on Drugs album with my cat, Kitten and we're going to review it track-by-track. Her credentials are that I once wrote a dance jam about her. Also she has the attention span of, you know, a cat, so this could take a while.

"Under The Pressure"

Mark Sanders: Well this one starts out weird. Is that a drum machine someone forgot to turn off? It must be setting us up for something seriously grandiose.... Oh, here it is: a few seconds in. War on Drugs front man Adam Granduciel is a humble singer. He knows his voice isn't the most polished, so he relies on short phrasings to convey... something. Man, I don't know. It's rock music.

Kitten: [Hides in a box. She loves boxes -- maybe it's something about being in confined spaces that makes her feel comforted. She looks mildly amused. Unclear whether it's the song or the box. Inconclusive verdict thus far.]

Mark Sanders

"Red Eyes"

MS: This is the single, isn't it? It sounds single-ish. We got some of Granduciel singing in the background, like he's at the opposite end of a basketball court begging for the ball. The mid-tempo janglefest he's doing is right on. Reminds me of a less corny Jackson Browne, and...

Hold on. Jesus. Stop that. Do you need food?

Kitten: [Looks back in disgust. She's clearly hungry. I feed her. She has no comment on any of these developments.]


MS: This would have been the soundtrack to my sixteen-year-old mind when I got turned down for the prom. Oh, wait -- here at the end there's a saxophone! I love this song even more now. Next time someone unfriends me on Facebook, this is headed to the top of my playlist.

Kitten: [This one she's getting into. No head-bobbing or moshing, though that's not her style. Basically if she's not sleeping or scratching on walls, then she approves of whatever's going on. In this case, it's me playing this song loudly. We're calling that approval.]

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