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Aaron Thackeray
It's pretty much a good time, is what we're saying.
Update(s): We've picked a winner for questions number one and two. So far we've somewhat arbitrarily given tickets to people who have suggested that a great music scene needs radio support and that the best thing about Denver's music scene is that everyone from "budtenders" to businessmen go to the shows. I say arbitrarily because there have been so many good entries. If you would like to peruse perhaps the most informative and encouraging comments section on the internet, just head to the bottom of this post. Thanks, everyone.

We've got another question below, and another pair of Showcase tickets to give away.

Original post follows...

The Westword Music Showcase is on June 21. You should spend your hard-earned money on whatever concerts appeal most to you. But we think this one's appealing. The lineup includes 2 Chainz, Diplo, Cherub, Man Man and King Khan & the Shrines. That alone is plenty to anticipate. Among his accomplishments, 2 Chainz can count bringing within one degree of separation 85-year-old satirical songwriting mathematician Tom Lehrer and Geto Boys member Scarface (they're both featured on 2013's Based on a T.R.U. Story, Lehrer in a sample and Scarface in a guest verse). And I could be wrong about this and it's definitely not binding, but I'm pretty sure King Khan's shows still come with a money-back guarantee of a wardrobe malfunction.

Those touring acts will play the main, outdoor stage here in the Golden Triangle. But that constitutes approximately three percent of the total live music you'll find at the Showcase. There will also be some 150 Colorado bands and artists playing venues in area, all nominees for this year's Westword Music Awards. We'll be announcing those next week. Now, about that hard-earned money.

We're going to give away several pairs of Westword Music Showcase tickets in the next couple weeks. If you'd rather not roll the dice here, you can just buy them now for $30 (that price will go up soon, just so you know). If you're the group-discussion/free-stuff type, however, you can enter in the comments section of this blog post.

Each time we have a pair of tickets to offer, I'll post a question or prompt below with the date. Share your thoughts in the comments (or Tweet about it with #westwordshow) and we'll pick a winner based on our whims. There's no democracy in ticket contests, I'm afraid. We will reward stuff that makes us laugh and stuff that makes us think in equal measure.

All you'll have to do if you've won is follow the instructions you'll get via email (so enter a valid one -- don't worry, it isn't posted publicly and we'll keep the mailing list people away from it). Away we go:

Monday, March 24: What is the most important thing every good music scene needs? Winner selected

Wednesday, March 26: What's the best thing about being a music fan in Denver? Winner selected

Friday, March 28: What was the most memorable show you've seen in Colorado in the past year?

While you're thinking, peruse some photos from last year:
-The people
-The Instagrams
-The Colorado bands
-The main stage

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