Trumpeter Joshua Trinidad on writing music for his own funeral

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Maybe they appreciate it more over there...

Yeah, it's a different mentality. And that's why I've been trying to team up with the Bad Plus every time they come to town -- "Well, you guys have a draw and I think together we could do something creative." So that's been mine goal.

Do you think there's a possibility of collaborating with those guys?

They're coming to the Oriental Theater again in December. I'm pretty good friends with Dave King now that they've been here three or four times that we've played with them. He's totally cool with doing some collaborating, so hopefully I can try to get him in the studio to do something. That would be so cool.

What else has been going on? Anything else in the works?

We're going on a small East Coast tour with Wheelchair Sports Camp. I'm still playing with them. I've been playing with my own New York quartet. Last time, I played with Rudy Royston in New York. I'm trying to build a relationship with him a little bit more. Oh yeah, this happened: I was at Moe's BBQ and I was just hanging out and I looked across the room and I told Erin [Trinidad's wife], "That's Joe Lovano!" She's like, "That's not Joe Lovano. Go make a fool of yourself and ask him if he's Joe Lovano." And it was. So we got to talking and I gave him one of my discs and he was digging some of it. He said, "If you're in New York, just hit me up and we'll play." Hopefully either at the end of this year or next year, he was saying that we'll try to do some playing together.

Outside of that, I've been playing with Poet's Row and still doing folk music and such. But mostly just focusing on my own quintet and quartet stuff. It's been fun. I think Denver's getting a lot more people coming to town to play music in the last five years. There are people that I've never met who are just killing, like a guy who moved here from New Orleans. I think Denver's starting to get some players.

What's in store for your CD release show?

Jon Wirtz is going to be playing keyboards, Charlie Mertens on bass and Carl Sorensen on drums. Basically the way we're going to do it, since it's so electronic, that we're going to do tracks off my computer running Live and those will be interludes between our group songs. Then we'll fade into an actual song with the band and then we'll fade out to the songs on the album.

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