Thug Entrancer's rave show at a secret location proves there's still mystery left in the scene

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Tom Murphy
Thug Entrancer
These days, shows are pretty easy to find out about if you want to and relatively easy to get to. There is rarely true mystique surrounding a concert anymore. But over the weekend, Thug Entrancer played a show at a secret location, and it felt like something from the '90s, before not everything was on the Internet. The flier itself had no address listed, just "VENUE TBA" and a phone number, the last four numbers of which corresponded to the word "RAVE." It even listed the start time as 11:30 and "going late." The flier looked like something Peter Saville might have concocted, had he gone even more minimalist in designing a poster for an early Factory gig.

Tom Murphy
A call to the number on the flier got a recorded female voice that gave the address and some directions to a place north of the RiNo district. The evening's wind and light rain added to the quasi-clandestine atmosphere. It took some exploring once the map route failed, but finding the road there was half the fun. I eventually found the place on a road that once led to an old practice space/DIY venue in the '80s utilized by Thinking Plague and other legendary old-school Denver weirdos.

The buildings nearby seemed semi-abandoned -- or at least not in use -- and there were others that had been repurposed from some bygone use, long forgotten. Urban decay, so common in Denver eight years ago and going back, is a little hard to find these days. No trace remains of places like the short-lived DIY venue The Office, which was located in the same building as the offices for Modern Drunkard Magazine. But there are still some forgotten blocks.

Tom Murphy
Lone Dancer

A line of parked cars marked the right warehouse. Soft but strong techno music pumped out through the cracked doors. Inside, the white painted walls served as a stark visual contrast to the cloud-darkened night outside. Attendees had to walk down a hall, duck under the half-closed roll-up door and pay the donation inside.

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