Riot Fest 2014 lineup for Denver announced

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Aaron Thackeray. Full slideshow
Last year at Riot Fest in Denver.
Riot Fest has just announced its 2014 lineup, and it features Slayer, The Cure, Wu Tang Clan, Die Antwoord and more. The festival will make its second appearance in Denver (well, technically Byers, where the host May Farms is located) from September 19 to 21. A limited number of early bird tickets are $99.98 and on sale now.

Riot Fest will be considerably bigger this year than last in several ways: The Fest will be three days instead of two and feature four stages instead of three. They're also doubling the number of both camping spaces and carnival rides as well as adding a second VIP area and more shade tents. Some logistical concerns from last year have been addressed as well -- there will be free parking and organizers promise a reconfigured layout designed to help alleviate traffic concerns.

The rest of the lineup is below, along with some more information about this year's Riot Fest.

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Riot Fest 2014 Denver Lineup
The Cure
The National
Rise Against
Social Distortion
The Flamying Lips
Sublime with Rome
Wu Tang Clan
TV on the Radio
A Day to Remember
Die Antwoord
Dropkick Murphys
Bring Me the Horizon
Gogol Bordello
Violent Femmes
City and Colour
The Used
Taking Back Sunday
Manchester Orchestra
New Found Glory
Hot Snakes
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
Bouncing Souls
Face to Face
Dum Dum Girls
Bob Mould
Stiff Little Fingers
Las Dispute
We Cam as Romans
The Expendables
The Menzingers
Big Freedia
The ORwells
Larry and his Flask
In the Valley Below
Pianos Beomces the Teeth
I am the Avalanche
Cerebral Ballzy
Red City Radio
The Unlikely Candidates
Sole and DJ Pain 1
The Bots
Tiny Moving Parts
Plague Vendor
My Body Sings Electric
...and more to come.

More information about this year's festival is on the next page.

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Patrick O'Smitty
Patrick O'Smitty

warped is so non-punk these days even the cheesiest pop-punk bands won't play it.

Timothy Hutchinson
Timothy Hutchinson

What is with all the pop-punk? I thought they had Warped Tour for that.

Quinn Edgar
Quinn Edgar

Evan Edgar Tyler McDermott Jese Thomas Ornelas VII Jeremy Hotz

Fitz Greg
Fitz Greg

The Cure??? I'm F'in there!!

James Herrick
James Herrick

Not this year. Only 3 bands I'd really hate to miss (TVOTR, Bob Mould & Clutch) and that's not worth the price of admission


So last year was kind of a cluster fuck with the weather and a relatively poor job on the organizers part on incorrect communication. That being said it was so worth it. If you plan on drinking you should camp. Some security allowed a case of beer per person and some allowed a case of beer per vehicle. We had mass amounts of equipment and I had no problem smuggling in a handle of whiskey (It wasn't announced you couldn't bring liquor until a week before the show)  in a garbage bag of pillows and blankets but most people that brought liquor had it confiscated. Your camping spot is incredibly close to the entrance. It's not like Bonnaroo where you're walking a fucking a mile to the entrance. So it's super easy to come out and do lunch or dinner and go back. Or it's super easy to run to your camp site chug two beers and run back in. Also if you're camping you aren't searched as hard because they know you're going in and out all day. I got a flask in everytime I tried. If you don't have a camping wristband they won't let you in the camping area. Doesn't matter if your buddies are all their. For a festival prices weren't awful for food and drink but if you're not camping you're not allowed re-entry. I know I saved a lot of money by shelling out for camping tickets last year just on food and booze alone even if we'd have slept in the truck and not paid for a hotel. I think they'll amend some rules this year but if anybody has questions I'd be happy to share more of my experience.

Waihopai Pacini
Waihopai Pacini

what a clusterfuck of bands that aren't relevant anymore... I'm down!


Anybody that went last year know how strict they were with the camping?  If we wanted friends to hang out with us at our camp site before going into the fest did they need to have camping bracelets or anything?


great lineup but what a shitty place for a gig

Chris Vann
Chris Vann

<-Last Cure show 1989 Dallas Starplex

Kate Meyer
Kate Meyer

Finally some REAL punk bands playing a punk show

Kate Meyer
Kate Meyer


Wes Youknowme
Wes Youknowme

My girl and i are so going. Camping and all. Now a day woodstock here we come..with the "goods" :)

Sheri Duran
Sheri Duran

Is that the whiskey talking Eric Bueno? Joseph Vasquez John Donohoe

Eric Bueno
Eric Bueno

All you sucker DJ's who think you're fly There's got to be a reason and we know the reason why Joseph Vasquez Sheri Duran John Donohoe

Matt Meyer
Matt Meyer

Jeremy DeGroot if you're considering coming out in sept.

Daniel Bradley
Daniel Bradley

I seriously doubt that anyone will riot over the Cure... just sayin'...

Sheri Duran
Sheri Duran

Or is that the same weekend as the Cameo concert Joseph Vasquez? John Donohoe Eric Bueno

John Donohoe
John Donohoe

Joseph Vasquez you going are what?? Eric Bueno Sheri Duran

Jeff Patton
Jeff Patton

Im for sure going! Maxx Passantino . Gaby Mora wu tang clan! Michael Justen Barela gogo bordella britnay lazarus the cure lets rage this shit. Tell everybody u know

Legen Dairy
Legen Dairy

The cure. Hell I might have to grab a ticket.

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