Photos: Members of the Denver DIY music scene explain their tattoos

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All photos by Marissa Shevins
In a world where you can buy a Dead Kennedys T-shirt at Urban Outfitters, the "punk" label has lost some of its ability to describe anything at all. We spent the past couple of months going to the shows that still embody the genre's original spirit, the ones that now define themselves as DIY and certain kinds of metal as well as punk. We talked to the people we met their and shot their portraits.

It was rare that we found someone without a tattoo, so we asked about those. Some were nods to literary classics or political opinions. Others were memorials to lost loved ones, and more than a few honored the Misfits. We found that the range of tattoos matched the range of people at the shows. Here are a couple dozen of Denver's underground music enthusiasts talking about their body art.

Rev. Jim Norris

Marissa Sendejas

January Tollefson

Dylan Lenz

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Channing Henson
Channing Henson

Correct and maybe next time it would be less stress on you if you didn't get worked up over a comment some dude left on the internetz.

Andrew Hibbs
Andrew Hibbs

Obnoxious condescending comments about a subject you personally don't enjoy make you intelligent, superior, and SO cool, right?

Scott Ingalsbe
Scott Ingalsbe

I miss the day's when the only tattoo'd people I would see were biker's and convicts.


This is the most boring feature in the history of Westword.  Sadly, that also includes the inane marijuana coverage.


some of the very worst tattoos I've seen. 

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