Here's the lineup for Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest in Fort Collins

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Pat Benetar, everyone!
Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest in Fort Collins brings together tons of local bands and a few touring headliners the third weekend in August every year. Past headliners have included G. Love and Flobots, and the festival has just announced this year's crop, scheduled to play August 15-17: Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Pat Benatar with Neil Giraldo and War.

In addition to the three headliners, the lineup features an impressive set of Colorado bands, including Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Drag the River, Ian Cooke and plenty more on six stages over three days. You can see the full schedule here.

Friday, August 15, features Big Head Todd and the Monsters. The band formed right here in Colorado in 1989, and has been a staple in the area ever since.

The second night will feature the legendary Pat Benatar. She was the first woman to ever perform on MTV, performing "You Better Run." Her guitarist and partner, Neil Giraldo, has been on all her records and will be joining her on the second night of the festival.

The final night of Bohemian Nights features the California funk band War, a staple of '70s feel-good music. War reunited in 2008 for the first time in 37 years, and Leroy "Lonnie" Jordan is the only original member in the current lineup.

And here's a complete list of the 76 Colorado bands performing at this year's festival:

1. Arthur Lee Land
2. Blue Canyon Boys
3. Blue Grama
4. Bonnie & the Clydes
5. Calder's Revolvers
6. Carlton Pride & Mighty Zion
7. Cary Morin
8. Chicano Heat
9. Chimney Choir
10. Chris Daniels & The Kings with Freddi
11. Danielle Ate the Sandwich
12. Danny Shafer
13. David Williams
14. Doctor Noize
15. Drag the River
16. Esmé Patterson
17. Eufórquestra
18. Fierce Bad Rabbit
19. Grant Sabin Band
20. Gypsy Swing Revue
21. Halden Wofford & the Hi Beams
22. HOSS
23. Ian Cooke
24. In the Whale
25. Jason Downing
26. Jennifer Lane
27. Joe Johnson
28. Joe Sampson
29. Julie Hoest
30. Jumpin Jazz Kids
31. Katie Glassman and Snapshot
32. Katie Herzig
33. Ken Walker Sextet
34. Knocean
35. Liz Barnez
36. M.Florea
37. Mama Lenny and the Remedy
38. Mary Sue Thompson
39. Matt Campbell
40. Matt Skinner Band
41. Megan Burtt
42. Mosey West
43. Native Daughters
44. Pandas & People
45. Post Paradise
46. Prime Element
47. Qbala & Dominic Deadbeat
48. Richie Furay
49. Shellist & Hundt
50. Shannon Fitzsimmons
51. Shatterproof
52. Slim Cessna's Auto Club
53. Slow Caves
54. Soul School
55. Sour Boy, Bitter Girl
56. SuperCollider
57. Taylor Scott
58. The Burroughs
59. The Holler!
60. The Jekylls
61. The Patti Fiasco
62. The Reminders
63. The Ryan Fourt Trio featuring Briana Carrasquillo
64. The Subdudes
65. The Swashbuckling Doctors
66. The Widow's Bane
67. The Wild After
68. The Yawpers
69. Von Stomper
70. Wasteland Hop
71. West Water Outlaws
72. Wiredogs
73. You Me & Apollo
74. Little Kids Rock Tavelli
75. Little Kids Rock Riffenburgh
76. Little Kids Rock Polaris

Bohemian Nights is the festival portion of NewWestFest, an annual three day street festival in old town Fort Collins, in its 26th year. The festival is funded by the Bohemian Foundation
and is free to the public.

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"Hit me with your best shot"

And who wouldn't tap that Benatar ass? 



Shayne Barrett
Shayne Barrett

Yes this picture is from the 80's. (DUH?) She is now 61 with 2 daughters who are older than she was when this picture was taken. But she can still rock! :)

Carolyn Runion
Carolyn Runion

I saw her a couple of years ago...she can still kick it. It was awesome!

Rockpile Ranter
Rockpile Ranter

Most recent picture you could get? This picture was taken after a few drinks with Blondie.

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