How to properly enjoy a Pretty Reckless concert

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All photos by Brandon Marshall

The Pretty Reckless stopped by The Fillmore this weekend, and things got a little wild. For those who rarely go to hard rock shows, or have just forgotten the proper etiquette, a concert like this can pose a lot of questions: What should I wear? Will there be a mosh pit? How excited should I act?

Well, fear not. Our photographer Brandon Marshall was there Friday night to capture the best examples of how to properly enjoy a concert by The Pretty Reckless and bands of their ilk. Read and learn.

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1. Properly Accessorize
The best way to show all the fair-weathered fans at a show how devoted you are is through your clothes, or in the case, skull rings. Sure, these might draw blood when you hit someone in the mosh pit, but what's a good rock show if you don't leave with a stranger's blood splattered on you?


1.5: Seriously, accessorize.
Maybe even stop by a piercing shop on your way and get that nose ringed you always wanted.


2. Get stoned on your way in


3. Take a selfie:
You know you're going to end up doing it anyway. Might as well do it outside. It'll make a better memento then that blurry iPhone video with just flashing stage lights and barely distinguishable sound you were going to take later.


4. Mosh away
That's why you're there. Don't be the lame Joe in the corner standing with his arms crossed. Let the music take you over, jump into the crowd and shove the hell out of your favorite concert-goers. If you and another stranger end up on the ground together like these two, congratulations, you just bonded!

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Justin Vonesh
Justin Vonesh

damn I wanted to go soooooo bad. next time for sure! rock on!!!

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