Pictureplane on his new music and the development of Denver since he moved to NY

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Denver is growing so fast that two years here can feel more like ten. So Travis Egedy -- better known as Pictureplane -- has missed plenty since he packed up and moved to New York in 2012. Still, he's practically a native. He spent the better part of a decade here, going to art school, making music, and helping to put local all-ages show space Rhinoceropolis on the global DIY map.

Egedy was back last week, playing a pair of shows in Boulder and at the 1up Colfax for the Red Bull Sound Select Series. He was also in town to meet with old friends, including Tim Holland (aka Sole). The two recently collaborated on "The Helen Keller of Dead Cops," from Pictureplane's just-released The Alien Body Mixtape, which is available as a download for $5 on Bandcamp. "Talk about an inspiring dude," says Egedy of Holland. "It would be cool if he was mayor, because he's such an anarchist."

The track with Sole is just one of many collaborations and remixes on the mixtape -- which is downloadable for $5 through bandcamp. Egedy says he is also about three-quarters of the way done with his first full-length album since 2011's Thee Physical. He just needs to find a label to put it out.

Egedy isn't sweating it though -- he's been putting out songs as they are finished, including "Self Control," a collaboration with Skin Town's Grace Hall. It was released recently in the form of a Hackers-esque video. He was connected with Hall through mutual friends in the band Rainbow Arabia, who were working Hall's band on a release for their label, Time No Place.

"I was staying with them (Rainbow Arabia) for a night or two in L.A. and they were just starting their record label; they were like, you have to hear this girl we've been working with, Grace Hall," says Egedy. "They played me some of her music and I thought her voice was amazing. They said she liked what I did, too." The result was "Self Control" and another yet-to-be released track.

Last week's wasn't Egedy's first return trip; he was in Colorado last year, on tour with Crystal Castles. He says that he noticed the state's evolution at the time -- but in the interim, there's been an even bigger change, one with ramifications large enough to be felt all the way across the country.

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