Take one guess what happens on a 420 EDM Tour of Denver

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Eric Gruneisen
Travel agencies may be dying off, but 420 EDM Tours has found a niche that even websites like Orbitz and Priceline just aren't privy to yet: raging. The company has planned a series of bus-based tours that include stops at Colorado landmarks, tickets to concerts and, of course, a very open policy about marijuana.

"Electronic Dance Music and 420 cultures have always had a strong presence in Colorado," says 420 EDM's Ryan Dykstra. "We want to mix the two together and see what happens."

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Dykstra, a Denver native, says each tour will include hotel rooms, a party bus to and from the airport and every group activity, VIP access to Denver nightclubs, one or two nights of shows at places likeRed Rocks or Fiddler's Green, and visits to other popular Denver locations such asCasa Bonita.

Cannabis and the EDM lifestyle are two aspects of Colorado that people are excited about, Dykstra notes, and 420 EDM Tours hopes to piggyback off that excitement. "I couldn't see myself owning a business like this two years ago," he adds. "It's a very new, different concept, but legalization has really opened up a dynamic arena for fresh ideas to thrive in."

Each 420 EDM Tour is centered on one or more concerts (including the Westword Music Showcase, as it turns out):

Skrillex/Diplo/2 Chainz Tour, June 18-22

Zeds Dead/DJ Snake Tour, July 2-6

Global Dance Festival, July 16-21

HARD Red Rocks, July 29-Aug 3

Mad Decent Block Party, August 20-24

Big Gigantic Rowdytown, September 24-28

Not including airfare, a trip ranges from $1,195 (per person for a four-person hotel room) to $2,095 (for individual rooms).

And if you're like anything like Cartman, the visit to Casa Bonita alone should make the trip worthwhile.

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stay home get stoned in your car with the windows down while driving and smoking the best weed your town offers.even if you get caught it will probley be cheaper less akward and you won't vomit from the casa bonita crap food lol.


That price is laughable and that music hurt my ears.

Jay Cismaru
Jay Cismaru

For those kind of prices concert tickets food and pot should be included

Alex Wolff
Alex Wolff

"includes... visits to other popular Colorado locations such as Casa Bonita."

Casey Schaefer
Casey Schaefer

So stupid... Fly to Denver and take Uber while you're here. It's not like their's some super cool secret pot hangout they know about.

Joseph Tee
Joseph Tee

Some took like 8 pots at one time ? Someone died off of 8 pots?

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