Seven mostly ill-advised pre-show rituals by Denver bands

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Stay away from Itchy-O, buddy.
Performers in all spheres often discuss the importance of ritual -- but especially in music, where a pre-concert ordinance may be more significant to the band than we ever know as observers.

One might think that rituals are reserved for witches and baseball players, but we have evidence that musicians get in on the superstition as well. We asked a few bands nominated for the Westword Music Awards about their pre-show rituals. Some of them seemed like good ideas. Some of them seemed like felonies, and more of them seemed like jokes. We included our favorites across the spectrum.

You can see many of these bands at the Westword Music Showcase on June 21.

Artist: Native Daughters

Pre-Concert Ritual: Colin [the drummer] has a problem with being constantly online playing Grand Theft Auto V, usually hanging out in the digital strip club spending all his digital money. It's sometimes impossible to get him off the couch to make it to the shows.

If this is his way of relaxing before shows, more power to him. Drummers need to relax and exhibit solid dexterity when they're playing.

Artist: CP-208

Pre-Concert Ritual: Darren and Doug shotgun a beer. Tripp has to be given enough time to put on his makeup. I'm sorry if these sound like jokes. They aren't jokes.

Shotgunning Beers before a show: common. Male bandmembers applying makeup before a show? Think about it -- also pretty common.

Artist: Dubskin

Pre-Concert Ritual: We like to huddle up and "Get It In'' before the gig to go over what to expect, the vibe of the show, and to get our heads in order.

One band, one blend, one sound, one love.

Artist: Wheelchair Sports Camp

Pre-Concert Ritual: There's nothing better than dropping a deuce right before hitting the stage!

True. Also, before pretty much anything in life.

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Dave TheMighty Flomberg
Dave TheMighty Flomberg

Having played a number of gigs with Jon Wirtz over the years, I can confirm that his live-chicken-sacrifice thing is both real and highly disturbing. But then he fries them and they're really delicious.

muhutdafuga topcommenter

So a common ritual is to pretend to be a two bit, third rate, watered down copy of Alice Cooper.

Bill Falk
Bill Falk

People really are sick and stupid!!!!!

Bradford Ashington
Bradford Ashington

the most ill-advised of them all? actually showing up to perform

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