96 of the best songs by Denver bands you might hear at the Westword Music Showcase

There are more Denver bands than you could credibly hope to get to know right away. It's a good problem to have -- this city is rich with talent and creativity. Over 140 of the best bands in town will play at next Saturday's Westword Music Showcase in the Golden Triangle. We've tracked down 96 songs by bands you might hear at the festival and gathered them in a playlist below.

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A Few Highlights:

"Child Stars" -- Science Partner

Why it stands out: This song just cuts so hard, especially live. It's an epic, edgy tune with Science Partner's characteristic vocal harmonies. Go see the band play it at 12:45 PM at Krewe during the actual Showcase.

"Weatherman (feat. Mathenee)" -- Foxfield Four

Why it stands out: So happily pop-driven, this song is among the catchiest on the playlist.

"Folklore" -- Josh Quinlan Quartet

Why it stands out: Josh Quinlan shows off his chops in this smooth, Charlie Parker-esque groove, embodying the "sheets of sound" mindset.

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