Holy crap, Great White was incredible at the Buffalo Rose this weekend

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Tom Murphy
Great White at Buffalo Rose
There were no gimmicks over the weekend at the Buffalo Rose, beyond some rock theater, and none were needed. Great White, of all bands, gave us a startlingly strong rock and roll show, the likes of which isn't often seen these days.

When the band came on stage, it looked like what it is: a veteran hard rock band. Before anyone took a step from the back area of the Buffalo Rose stage, a recording of a bit from Jaws played through the P.A. -- the scene when Robert Shaw's character talks about how the only emotion one sees in a great white shark happens when it bites into flesh and the whites of its eyes roll over the pitch black. Going immediately into "Shot in the Dark," it was obvious that these guys were taking the show and the music very seriously. They also looked like they were having the time of their lives. And the crowd reacted in kind.


What was striking about the show was how joyous and triumphant it felt. One imagined what it must have been like when the band played during its early heyday at those classic rock clubs where hard rock and glam bands played in the early-to-mid-'80s minus any of the dark side of that scene. It was an unfiltered rock show played by guys who knew how to be theatrical without seeming phony or corny. Terry Ilous was a charismatic and commanding figure who struck the proper rock poses but it came off more as a way to accentuate the emotions the band projected.

Tom Murphy
Great White at Buffalo Rose

You could practically feel the camaraderie from the stage and everyone in the band seemed thrilled by how much love the band was getting from the crowd. Of course, people knew the songs and often sang along heartily. In the late '80s, at the height of the band's popularity, some of the songs like "Rock Me" and especially its cover of "Once Bitten Twice Shy" played at the very end in the encore, seemed a little silly even then, but at this show it was like every song was an anthem to good times and a love of life.

Mark Kendall took a number of solos mid-set but it was never boring. He didn't wank on the guitar so much as lay out some truly compelling blues rock riffs. He was commanding in his own right. He made what could have been boring and self-indulgent seem so powerful and electrifying it took you aback because it was expressive, tasteful and pushed the songs along. Kendall displayed his guitar prowess with creativity and imaginative playing in a way that should place him as one of the best guitarists among his would-be peers.

Continue on for the wrap-up and set list.

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The Buffalo Rose

1119 Washington Ave., Golden, CO

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Peter Stimson
Peter Stimson

Ha they were the very first band I ever heard someone die at one of their shows

Jeremy Coss
Jeremy Coss

Jack Russell was not in this version. He still tours and sounds fantastic

Erich Dye
Erich Dye

you would think so..sad ass rag.

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