The Denver Public Library Is Now One of the Best Places to Find Local Music

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Denver's new home for local music
Back in December of 2013, the Denver Public Library put out a call to local musicians asking for song and album submissions to be considered for a future database that could be accessed by DPL card holders. Just like other media available for free through the system, once in place, users would get a chance to listen to music from artists all over Colorado. A few weeks ago, the Volume Denver project went live and in its first run is offering 38 EPs and full-length records from local musicians, all of which are available to the public for free streaming and download.

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The library is hoping to eventually have more records available, chosen from a pool of music submitted during different times throughout the year. "We have the resources both in terms of dollars and staff time to support about hundred new albums a year," says Zeth Lietzau, who is part of the team of DPL staffers working on the project. Lietzau says because the program got started later in the year, it only has had two submission periods, but generally the call will happen four times each year.

Through the site, users can search categories like pop, Americana and hip-hop to find records by local artists -- or use the search bar to find an artist or album by name. Each musician or band included in the Volume Denver project gets a home page of sorts, with a bio and various links for listeners to find out more. If a user logged in to the DPL website, they can stream or download the music directly. Visitors to the site who are not logged in will get a 30 second preview clip of any song.

But the best feature might be the "playlists," user-created playlists made from the music featured on Volume Denver. These are available for anyone to listen to right from the homepage, and anyone who is logged in can also create their own playlist to share.

"To get exposure for musicians is ultimately one of the goals of this site," says Lietzau. "We had no idea what to expect when we started this and the quality is just amazing. People seem to be excited about it; I do really think that once word gets out a little bit more and once people start seeing it, it has the potential to be a really great thing for our community."

Currently, artists get one-time compensation for sharing their music with the database when submissions are accepted. This agreement is good for two years; once the time period is up, the library will contact the artist about future sharing and go from there. Lietzau says the Volume Denver project is still in its beginning stages and hopes to keep the music library growing and rotating as it moves forward. For right now, the library is figuring it out as it goes along.

Volume Denver is currently taking EP and full-length album submissions from local artists through September 20. For more information or to submit music, visit the Volume Denver website.

Volume Denver's homepage.

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The "38 EPs and full-length records from local musicians" ...

Blank Space by Wheelchair Sports Camp

A Royal Battle by Strange Americans

All Princes, I by Esmé Patterson 

Egg by Eolian

Title Stealers by The Hollyfelds 

Sineater by Snake Rattle Rattle Snake 

Telegram on the Wind by Planina 

The Down & Out by Glowing House

by Wentworth Kersey

Ashes by The Bedsit Infamy

Hazard of the Die by Andy Palmer

Temple by A.M. Pleasure Assassins

Cowtowwn EP by Cop Circles

Newstalgia by Time 

Snake Mountain by Snake Mountain

SPELLS Double Cassingle by Spells

Woman to Woman by Esmé Patterson

The Fall I Fell by Ian Cooke 

Intentions of a Haunting by Marcellus Lewis

Tough Kids by The Outfit

The Holy Dogs of Other Days by Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens

66,600 mph by Illustrated By 

Forgive My Future by Thomas Hine

Colors of the West by Mega Gem

Force of Nature Vol. 1 by Plat Maravich

Fortitude by Ian Cooke

We Are Not a Glum Lot by We Are Not a Glum Lot

Satan Takes a Holiday... by The Reinhart Brothers

Fire by Eufórquestra

Tauntaun by Tauntaun 

Unravelin' by Kristina Murray

Keep Up! by Instant Empire

Somerset Catalog by Somerset Catalog

Two Maple Keys by Maudlin Magpie

The Essential Joy Subtraction by Joy Subtraction

What's Hip/WWIII 7" single by The Knew

Youth is a Notion by Spooky Folk

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