EDC 2012: Coachella or Electric Daisy Carnival: Which One is Better?

kaskade staples center.JPG
Dance music is coming to an arena near you: Kaskade will be the first DJ ever to play Staples Center (July 27). And mainstream concert promoters such as Live Nation are diving into the electronic dance explosion.

Electric Daisy Carnival, which is being held this weekend at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, is the ultimate big stage for DJs. These larger-than-life dance titans, many of whom find as many fans via radio as they do in clubs, provide an over-the-top experience.

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It was Coachella that introduced electronic dance music to the contemporary alt-rock crowd, even as EDC brought DJs to the masses. So which is king of the EDM concert world?

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Tupac hologram tour: Dr. Dre says not so fast. "It was strictly for Coachella. Get it right."

The late, great Tupac Shakur brought back to life in 3-D at Coachella last weekend.

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Okay, so now we have it straight from the doctor's mouth: Contrary to an item in the Wall Street Journal last week citing "a person familiar with the discussions" claiming that representatives of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg were intending to discuss logistics for an impending tour featuring the so-called Tupac hologram, Dr. Dre himself, though Interscope, his label, filmed a message last night backstage at Coachella essentially debunking such an assertion. "I want to get rid of all the rumors out there," he says. "This was not done for a tour. If a tour happens, we'll see. This was done strictly for Coachella 2012, baby, just for you." Page down to see the clip.

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Best of Coachella weekend two

Meranda Carter
Black Lips with a very special guest at Coachella weekend two.

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Ten awkward Coachella dance moves weekend two
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The first weekend of Coachella was cold, damp and wet. The second weekend of Coachella was hot, sultry, and steamy. This weekend meant tributes, tributes, tributes. From Levon Helms to Biggie, everyone got a shout-out. In between all that, Jeff Mangum came to the aid of fan in distress and our West Coast operatives spied some more awkward dancing. Page down for some of the best highlights.

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More awkward dancing from Coachella

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We were strolling through the Coachella grounds last weekend trying not to trip over passed out people when we encountered this fella. We weren't sure if it was the headdress, the dance moves, or the combination of both, but he coaxed us into sticking around and watching him. Just as we were starting to feel intrusive for "secretly" filming his entire routine, he winked and said, "You got that all on camera, right? Right on!" The full video of him doing his thing is below (trust us: it's worth it), along with a bunch more awkwards from Coachella.

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Tim Booth of James on why Coachella Kicks (the old) Lollapalooza's ass

Categories: Coachella

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Meranda Carter
Over the past 30 years, alternative Britpop rockers James have been one of the most underrated bands to come from Manchester. Having toured across the globe and played some of the biggest festivals in the world, frontman Tim Booth knows a thing or two about what makes a show great, which is why he loves Coachella. "Some places you play, you just aren't in the zone," Booth explained. "But not here. It's a great place to get going and play a terrific show." Unlike Friday afternoon's show in the over 100-degree heat, James had a horrible experience playing at the final touring version of Lollapalooza. We caught up with Booth who gave us his reasons why Coachella kicks serious ass and why Lollapalooza sucked.

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Coachella 4/20: Let's talk about weed

Categories: Coachella

Molly Bergen

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Yesterday was 4/20. It was also Coachella. And so, the percentage of festival-goers who were stoned rose from a paltry 75 percent to a full 98 percent. (These estimates come courtesy of our editor, Ben Westhoff, who did a small survey with a margin of error of plus or minus 45 percent.) Believe it or not, folks were also wearing marijuana garb! We talked to some of them about, you know, music and life and music and stuff.

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Ten Coachella dance-move GIFs to make you feel good about yourself

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At Coachella, folks come from all over the world to lose themselves in the music. They'll employ almost anything in this quest -- but mostly drugs. Some of the folks below have taken too many, some are badly in need of a buzz, but all are our favorite awkward Coachella dancers. We're not trying to diss; people like them make the experience so much fun. Three cheers to Nanette Gonzales and Taylor Hamby, who helped put this post together, and the dubstep at the Do LaB stage, without which most of these moves would not be possible.

10. Touch the Sky, Touch the Floor
It almost looks like the ladies above spent a few minutes rehearsing these power moves beforehand, but then were like,"Nah, we'll just do what comes natural."

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The best of Coachella weekend one

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Christopher Victorio
Weekend one of Coachella's in the books. Re-live the best moments below.

Oh, man, our West Coast counterparts at the LA Weekly and OC Weekly were on the ground reporting from Coachella all weekend, and they brought back some really great stuff, giving a chance for land-locked music lovers like us who watched the stream on YouTube to live vicariously:

"What My Spirit Hood Means To Me": Coachella-Goers Explain

Coachella: The Black Lips' Cole Alexander Goes Full Monty, Plays Guitar With His Ding-Dong

Top Ten Awkward Coachella Dance Move GIFs

Coachella: What the Hell Is That Giant Flower?

Coachella: Five Signs You're An Aging Hipster

Below, we've also posted a couple reviews of sets by Radiohead and Flying Lotus from the first weekend of this year's edition of Coachella. Page down to read the highlights from those sets.

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Watch: Tupac hologram at Coachella -- you've seen the footage. Here's how it was done

Tupac in 3-D last night at Coachella.
By now you've seen Tupac's performance with Snoop Dogg last night at Coachella. The legendary rapper was brought back to life by Dr. Dre's production company, in collaboration with Digital Domain, James Cameron's digital production company, and AV Concepts, a company based in Tempe, Arizona, using a Musion Eyeyliner projection systems. The late rapper was brought back to life employing a theatrical illusion known as Pepper's Ghost.

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Watch: Video of Tupac hologram at Coachella performing with Snoop Dogg, "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted," from All Eyez on Me

Categories: Coachella

Update: Read about how Tupac was brought back to life last night at Coachella and check out our Q&A with Nick Smith, co-founder of AV Concepts, the company that helped consult on the technology for the project.

Snoop Dogg performing with a ressurected Tupac last night at Coachella.
Tupac at Coachella. While there were plenty of memorable performances and an equal number of WTF moments at the first weekend of this year's Coachella, there's only one from last night that we guarantee everyone is talking about this morning, and It happened early this morning around 12:30 or so our time, when the dearly departed Tupac miraculously ascended from the stage during Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre's set. After a shout out to Snoop, Dre and, er, Coachella -- a fest launched three years after his death -- the slain rapper spit posthumous fire on "Hail Mary," followed by a spirited duet with Snoop on "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted," from 'Pac's 1996 album, All Eyez On Me. Everybody presumably knew it was coming, but it still bugged everybody the fuck out.

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