Meet the muralists of SnowBall Music Festival

Eric Gruneisen
Some of SnowBall's best artists weren't even on stage. Among the young and the variably sober in the crowd on Saturday was a small group of artists, busily painting murals. They were situated between the two main stages, putting the eight-by-twelve feet wooden canvases at maximum visibility. The goal was to get exposure for some of Denver's best nonmusical artists. Judging by how frequently the painters were interrupted by kids wanting to discuss their work, that goal was achieved.

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SnowBall fans explain their attire, which includes fur boots, cat signs and so many onesies

Eric Gruneisen
Sadly, we did not get the story here.
At music festivals, weird kind of comes with the territory. But there's something a little extra wacky about EDM festivals. When I walked through the gates at Snowball 2014, the first thing I saw was a woman wearing Moon Boots with glow sticks stuffed in them. "Pretty rad," I thought, but it turns out that was small potatoes compared to what I found inside. It was tough to flag down all the funkiest Snowball attendees, but we were able to talk to a few about their adventurous fashion, and why they braved the cold to dance in the parking lot next to Mile High Stadium.

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Is Lez Zeppelin's appeal limited to men?

Jon Solomon. Slideshow.
You have to hand it to Lez Zeppelin -- they have an awesome gimmick to go along with their awesome name. This is a long-running four-piece band whose website tagline reads "All Girls. All Zeppelin." They made headlines worldwide in 2008 after media outlets began erroneously reporting that LED Zeppelin was playing Bonnaroo. Lez Zeppelin benefited from the mistake, and played before 20,000 people on the fest's opening night. This is a cover band, mind you.

Lez Zeppelin is playing a far more intimate venue this week, headlining at the Bluebird -- or it was -- the show has now been rescheduled to Friday, September 5. The whole concept behind Lez Zeppelin had us wondering: what do lesbians think of Lez Zeppelin? We asked our friends Megan, Kim and Serena. Here's what they had to say.

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A year after one of Bar Rescue's most dramatic episodes, checking in on Zanzibar Billiards

Jon Solomon
In March 2013, Spike Network featured Zanzibar Billiards on Larimer Street on its popular reality series Bar Rescue. During the episode, owner Ami Benari and the show's host, Jon Taffer, nearly got into a full-on brawl.

"It was hairy for a few moments, because he made me mad," Benari says. Nonetheless, he adds, "we ended up friends. He's actually a very nice guy -- very intense. And I am very intense. When you put two strong personalities together, you cannot help having some fireworks."

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Arvada Center partners with Swallow Hill for 2014 summer concert series

The Colorado Brass has more fun taking press photos than your band.
It's not so tough to spot the link between the Arvada Center's 2014 recently announced concert series and Swallow Hill Music, who partnered with them to construct the lineup. The series owes a lot to the music school's deep roots in folk music -- performances by Don McLean and Judy Collins are testaments to those roots. But there's more promise in the new partnership between Swallow Hill and the Arvada Center. As the new co-presenter, Swallow Hill has proven that it has more to offer the series than simple folk strains, including everyone from world-renowned jazz legends to local orchestral power.

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Denver fans explain why De La Soul still matters

Eric Gruneisen
De La Soul, the iconic Long Island hip-hop trio, performed last Saturday to a capacity crowd at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom. It was "nuts-to-butts crowded," as my Tennessee friends like to say. Consider now the fact that the group hasn't released a proper album in five years (2009's obscure Are You In?: Nike+ Original Run), and that 3 Feet High and Rising is now 25 years old, and the very idea that they can still pack venues like Cervantes' makes De La's staying power all the more impressive.

This had us wondering: what makes De La still such a big draw, at a time when their contemporaries have long since disappeared? We decided to take the question to the crowd at last weekend's show. Here's what we found.

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MeadowGrass Music Festival's 2014 lineup features the Mother Hips, the Duhks and more

The Duhks
The MeadowGrass Music Festival's lineup for 2014 is here. The annual event, which will be held over Memorial Day weekend in Black Forest, will feature over 20 artists in three days at the La Foret Conference and Retreat Center.

Topping the line up is Canadian band and Sugar Hill recording artists The Duhks, Colorado-based folk group Elephant Revival and San Francisco's The Mother Hips. Elsewhere on the lineup is Chadwick Stokes of Dispatch, Steve Poltz of The Rugburns, Grass It Up, Birds of Chicago, Caitlin Rose, Carey Hudson and more. In addition, this year's festival will see the return campfire jams and a few late night concerts.

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Valentine's Day in Denver: What to do, where to go to celebrate your love in the Mile High City

Brandon Marshall

Sure, romantic gestures are always a nice way to observe Valentine's Day, but so is going to a good concert or dancing the night away with your significant other. Looking for something to do tomorrow night? You've come to the right place. We've put together a comprehensive rundown of ways to celebrate your love in the Mile High City. Continue on to see what's going on.

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Lotus at Fillmore Auditorium, 2/8/14

Eric Gruneisen

Taking jazzy grooves and elevating them to frenzied funk levels through samples, synths and heavily textured percussion, Lotus played two sets of high energy dance to the younger skewed crowd Saturday night. Though no surprise MCs showed up to perform any songs off the act's latest hip hop release, Monks, a famous dance song did make its way into the night to the delight of everyone.

See also: Jesse Miller of Lotus talks about branching out into hip-hop on Monks, the act's latest album

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The Solution celebrates seven years this Friday night at the Meadowlark with #TheSolution7

Kenneth Hamblin III
The Solution Crew: DJ Lazy Eyez (from left), DJ Sounds Supreme and DJ Low Key.

Tomorrow night at the Meadowlark, the Solution crew will celebrate seven years of bringing the best hip-hop to Denver. Seven years! Can you believe it's been that long already? Heck, it's already been a year since the multiple Best of Denver award-winning club night returned to a weekly at the Meadowlark. Time flies, eh? Sounds Supreme, the night's co-founder is set to join DJ Low Key and Lazy Eyez to commemorate this important and enviable milestone with a slew of special guests. The night will also feature the work of Michael Coriano & Karma Leigh. #TheSolution6, last year's party, looked like a blast, so you definitely won't want to miss #TheSolution7.

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