The Aztlan Theater Once Hosted Slayer, Run-D.M.C. and More, but Now It Needs Your Help

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Wiki commons.
The Aztlan Theater.
From its rough-hewn exterior, it's hard to tell if the Aztlan Theater is still up and running. It is, technically, but the once-notable building that has been a part of the fabric of Santa Fe for decades is in dire need of some help. There's a lot of love and history in this long-running music venue, but it is currently without a proper sound system. And without that, the show can't go on.

This Saturday, September 20, the "Save the Aztlan: A benefit to restore Denver's musical heritage" show will bring bands back to the stage and all of the money will go to bringing back some of the venue's former glory.

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The Elktones will honor late bandmate Dick Orleans with a series of shows

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Courtesy of the family of Dick Orleans
When the Elk Meadow Lodge requested a reunion performance by the Elktones this summer, it was to reunite all four members of the Estes Park folk band. But when the band plays on Spur 66 next week, there will only be three members on stage. Dick Orleans, Elktones bandmember and beloved Estes Park musician, passed away in May, leaving behind a community of devastated fans and a full schedule of unplayed shows.

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Help fund Royalty Free Haiti and bring music education to two Haitian cities

Haitian musicians during a recording session.
In 2010, just days after the earthquake in Haiti, Wheelchair Sports Camp's Kalyn Heffernan and fellow local musician Greg Cronin decided to do something. The two hastily set up a benefit show and raised close to a thousand dollars; the funds went directly to supporting medical assistance in Haiti, and Cronin himself began making trips to the country to help.

"When the earthquake in Haiti happened, it was kind of like a no brainer -- we had to do something," says Heffernan.

The benefit shows for Haitian earthquake victims became an annual event -- but the two friends realized they wanted to do more. Along with a handful of other Denver-based folks, non-profit Yon Sel Lanmou (a translation of "one love" in Creole) was created, and last week it launched Royalty Free Haiti, a crowdsourcing project that aims to create two functioning music schools in Port au Prince and Cap Haitien.

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The latest This Ain't No Cowtown compilation is out next week -- it will benefit 7th Circle

Cover art for This Ain't No Cowtown Volume 6 by Jaremia Green.
Now rolling out the sixth edition of its local music and comedy compilation, ZetaKaye House's This Ain't No Cowtown is more than just a labor of love -- it's like a second job. Sorting through hundreds of submissions for the 2014 edition of the compilation, ZetaKaye House's John Baxter says he listens to each submission blindly, often several times, before deciding what makes the final cut. "I make a playlist so that I can listen to everything -- this time around there was over ten hours worth of music," he says with a laugh. "I sort of second guessed myself and what I had gotten into."

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Help save El Chapultepec's neon sign legacy this weekend at the "Save the Signs" benefit

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Teal Nipp

Chad Aman, like many musicians in Denver, has been playing at El Chapultepec for years. Celebrating its eightieth birthday last August was no small feat for the jazz club that has survived the changing face of its Lower Downtown neighborhood, and now Aman is spearheading an effort to bring the the 'Pec's iconic cactus-sporting sign back to its full neon glory. This Sunday, February 16, Aman and El Chapultepec owner Angela Guerrero have teamed up with Corky Scholl and his Save the Signs organization for Save The Signs: the El Chapultepec fundraiser taking place at the globally-recognized bar.

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Screw Black Friday! Celebrate BLK Tuesday, and help BLKHRTS feed folks for Thanksgiving

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Black Friday is at hand. And while we've all come to begrudgingly accept the fact that this annual fateful day unofficially serves as the kickoff of the holiday season, there's a new tradition being started by some local faves that's far more worth getting excited about. Here's BLK Tuesday, a day in which you can help spread some goodwill in the community rather than trampling your fellow man in the name of securing the ultimate hookup. On Tuesday, BLKHRTS will be helping feed 300 kids from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver and their families, and they could use some help.

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Colorado Rising flood relief benefit at 1STBANK Center raised more than a half-million dollars

Eric Gruneisen
Todd Park Mohr at the Colorado Rising flood relief benefit last night at 1STBANK Center.

Update, 10/29/13: The numbers are in, and according to both Live Nation and AEG, who joined forces to put on the Colorado Rising flood relief benefit this past weekend at 1STBANK Center, the show raised $650K to benefit victims of the recent flooding on the Front Range. Proceeds from the show are being funneled directly through the United Ways of Colorado Flood Recovery Fund. Continue on to see highlights from the evening.

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A list of Colorado flood relief benefit concerts

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Eric Gruneisen
Todd Park Mohr of Big Head Todd and the Monsters joins the Samples, Rob Drabkin and more tonight for Band Together at the Chautauqua Auditorium in Boulder.

Update, 9/25/13: Todd Park Mohr of Big Head Todd has been added to the lineup for this Friday's flood relief benefit at Swallow Hill. Complete information listed below.

Although the heavy rains that soaked the Front Range have stopped and the floodwaters have begun to recede, as with any natural disaster, there are now a ton of folks who are now in need of help, folks in our community whose lives were not only completely upended, but many of whom had their homes with all of their belongings either damaged or destroyed. Thankfully, we live in the kind of place where nobody needs to be asked twice to help.

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Colorado Flood Relief: Musicians pitch in to help

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The money collected a few nights ago at Red Rocks by the National.

In harrowing times like these with the recent flooding, I think it's safe to say we all share an unbridled compassion for our community, the friends and family members of ours whose lives have just been upended by the unrelenting torrential rains of the past week. Myself, I have a sister that lives up in Lyons, and while she's safe, her neighborhood is just absolutely decimated. Besides the property damage, the infrastructure is completely overwhelmed; there's no water, no sewer, no electricity, and it sounds like it's going to be months and months before things even remotely begin to get back to good.

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ZetaKaye drops three new This Ain't No Cowtown comps to benefit Mike Marchant

Dara Pieper
The three latest editions of ZetaKaye's This Ain't No Cowtown compilation series benefits Mike Marchant, with cover art by his friend Dara Pieper.

The ZetaKaye House has assembled another edition (well, editions, rather) of its This Ain't No Cowtown compilation. The fifth in the series, the comps (there's three) feature, among other things, a brand new tune from Andy Hamilton & the Whiskey Hitchers, the new eagerly-anticipated band led by frontman and former Houses mastermind, Andy Hamilton. In addition to that track, titled "Red-Handed Stranger," look for cuts from slew of local acts including Confluence, Chemistry Club and Native Daughters, among others. All three comps are available for download on Bandcamp, and all proceeds go directly to benefit Mike Marchant, who's recovering from his treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

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