Overdue Celebrates Denver Public Library's 125th Birthday and Local-Music Catalogue Launch

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Though the Denver Public Library's local-music catalogue Volume Denver launched this past summer, the well-received program is getting some extra love in the form of an official launch party happening this Thursday, September 11, at the McNichols Building. Overdue: Beer, Books & Bands will celebrate this latest addition to the institution's vast media resources as well as honor the library's 125th birthday. Fittingly, the shindig will be held across the way, inside the McNichols Building, the first home of the Denver Public Library, more than a century ago.

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Fantasia 2014: part art exhibition, part concert, all interactive crazy aquarium experience

Colin Ward and Stefan Herrera are the co-organizers of Fantasia 2014.
Fantasia 2014 is billing itself -- at least on Facebook, anyway -- as a "performance festival." But it's not a big, multi-stage summertime throwdown for thousands. Fantasia 2014 is an intimate experience, one that co-curators Colin Ward and Stefan Herrera hope will draw people to fest location Rhinoceropolis, especially those who have never been to the DIY space. It's an opportunity for newcomers to mix and mingle with the built-in audience that has been a part of the art and music created there for close to a decade.

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Millionaires prove you can make a music career out of Myspace nostalgia

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Screenshot from the Millionaires' tumblr.
Just let them take a Myspace pic.
There was a time in the not so distant past when a social networking profile was a place to proclaim your relationship status with something more than the obligatory "in a relationship" or "single" statement. It was a grand gesture to be "taken," complete with a glittery, GIF-y image of you and your scene sweetie, embracing cheek-to-cheek, scene-hair-to-scene-hair. That magical time and place was the land of Myspace (FKA the stylized MySpace) in the early 2000s, before it became the dead mall of social networking.

There were a couple types of bands that typified the straight-from-the-Internet scene: Bands with monikers consisting of a combination a month/girl's name/color/destructive sounding verb (see: August Burns Red or Colorado's own Breathe Carolina) that were made up of members of the screamy white boys with gauged ears and straightened hair who were raised in privileged, tract-home suburbs. And there was also the electro-rap raunch from acts like Millionaires. This Monday, May 5, the Orange County sister duo will make an appearance at the Roxy Theatre to remind us that yes, Myspace lives.

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Tonight at the Meadowlark: The Art of Records III: Enter the Marauders at the Solution

All photos by Kenneth Hamblin III

Tonight at the Meadowlark, the Solution is presenting the third installment of the Art of Records, its unique artistic series, which combines music and art in a compelling way by having local artists offer up their interpretations of classic hip-hop albums. This time, the talented cast of artists include Xencs L Wing, Jaime Molina, Thomas Evans, Karma Leigh, Triston Minton, Aisha Renee, Michael Coriano, Tiredpirate, Joseph Martinez, Delton Demarest and Dunn the Signtologist. The albums: Midnight Marauders by Tribe Called Quest, and Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), both of which came out twenty years ago tomorrow. Continue on to see highlights from The Art of Records II.

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Rock 'n' Roll Denver Marathon: More than thirty local bands are playing; here's who/when/where

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Brandon Marshall

The fourth annual Rock 'n' Roll Denver Marathon is Sunday. While that's probably news that gets your heart racing if you're a jock, for us fat, lazy, non-athletic, beer-guzzling blokes, eyes glaze over, if you know what I mean. Worse, it starts at the crack of dawn -- well, 7 a.m., close enough if you're out drinking all night. Right. Sports, waking up early -- um, yeah, what about this is this rock and roll again, exactly? Oh yeah. The music. Turns out, there's a rock and roll component to this foot race. Organizers enlisted Atlas Genius (due on the mainstage from 10:45 - 12 p.m.), plus more than thirty local bands to perform along the route. Keep reading for a course map and a complete rudnown of who's playing where and when.

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Dr. Neptune, Machine Gun Blues, Red Cloud, Monofog, Red Orange Black and more to reunite

Jon Solomon
This Machine kills.

A bunch of storied bygone Denver bands are getting back together for a night of mesmerizing music-making. On Friday, November 15, at the hi-dive, Machine Gun Blues, Red Cloud, Monofog, Red Orange Yellow and Horace Van Vaughan are slated to reconvene to help the beloved South Broadway bar celebrate its anniversary. Across the street at 3 Kings Tavern, meanwhile, on Friday, November 22, and Saturday, November 23, Dr. Neptune is plugging back in for a two-day fest at 3 Kings Tavern for a night dubbed Punx Not Dead...We're All Just Really Fucking Old.

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Under a Blood Red Sky screening canceled


Update, 9/24/13: If you haven't heard yet, this special screening of U2's Under a Blood Red Sky has been canceled. According to the Denver Film Society, after conferring with the Feys, it was determined that any fundraising efforts would be better directed to raising funds for flood victims. All credit card purchases will be automatically refunded; refunds for tickets purchased otherwise will be available at place of purchase. A memorial screening of the film will be part of next season's Film on the Rocks series.

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Got the blues? So do some other folks. Join the Mile High Blues Society's Denver Blues Club

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John Ambrosino
Dan Treanor and the Afrosippi Band, featuring Erica Brown

Hey, there. Got a bad case of the blues, do you? Ah, there, there, my friend. Rest easy. Good news: It's almost Friday, and there's absolutely no need to experience those blues all by your lonesome, especially in this city, a place where the scene has always been popping, and there's a ton of other folks on exactly the same page as you. And those folks are easy to find, if you just know where to look. Keep reading to see what I mean.

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Taste of Colorado 2013 schedule

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Rachel Parker

Earlier this summer, we noted that MC Hammer was one of the headliners slated for this year's annual Taste of Colorado festival, which kicks off tomorrow, Friday, August 30, and runs through Monday, September 2, along with Aaron Neville and some American Idol alumni. We've now got the full lineup, which includes the Wild Feathers, America, Dennis DeYoung and a slew of local acts. Keep reading for the entire Taste of Colorado schedule.

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This Friday's Rap-A-Thon to feature more than fifty local MCs in a continuous cipher

Christopher Morgan
Catch Turner Jackson and more than fifty local MCs at this weekend's Rap-A-Thon.

Hip-hop and it don't stop. Surely you've heard this expression. For those immersed in the culture, this is more than just mere words or even a category on the Backbeat blog -- it's a way of life. And this Friday, August at the Savoy Ballroom on 27th and Arapahoe, there's an event that fully intends to embody this notion. It's the first annual Rap-A-Thon.

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