Ten tips for finding love at an EDM fest

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Photo by George Martinez
10. Believe and Be Found by Love
Despite EDM fests being sweaty mob scenes, our new pal Stacey believes wholeheartedly in the chance to find love amid the uhntz-uhntz-ing masses.

"One day, love will find me," she swears. "I'm trying. It's why I'm here."

Is Ultra, held last weekend in Miami, a good place to meet dudes?

"Absolutely," she says. "It's just one more thing in common. If you party together, you stay together. I'm a firm believer, because then you have nothing to worry about, nothing to hide."

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OutKast Festival Tour 2014: The complete map and price guide

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From the "International Players Anthem" music video. Watch here.
Three Stacks and Sir Luscious Left Foot, finally together again.
OutKast is back. You knew that already -- the Atlanta hip-hop duo's return has been somewhat well documented. So much so, in fact, that there's a risk that you have come to underestimate this event. We want to first take a second to emphasize what's happening here.

Let's simplify the problem by reminding everyone that the track represented in the screen cap above, "International Player's Anthem" is the last official release involving the joint project of Andre 3000 and Big Boi. The last one. It's a throw-away remix of a track produced by Three 6 Mafia and in collaboration with the South's hip-hop godfather, UGK (in one of Pimp C's last appearances as well, actually). And it's wonderful, maybe the most purely enjoyable song released in the last decade. It delights in language and sound and clarity in the way most of OutKast's best music does.

And this year, for the first time since 2006, the two great MCs will stand together on stages around the world and offer that delight once again. It's an unusual idea -- a reunion tour comprising entirely music festivals. But it's a great forum for a group such as this: A bonafide main event in any circumstance and a party-starter of unparalleled reliability.

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Catch free shuttle to Goldrush Music Festival. Here's the times and pickup locations

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Tom Murphy
Echo Beds at last year's edition of the Goldrush Music Festival.

The Goldrush Music Festival is going down this weekend at the Sidewinder and Crash 45. The festival, now in its third year, features an array of renown acts from the experimental music world, including Rene Hell, Scammers, MV&EE, Caddywhompus and Noveller, among others. Aside from its innovative music programming, there's another unique thing about Goldrush, and that's the free shuttle. There's several locations throughout the city in which you can catch a ride tonight and tomorrow night. The rides are courtesy of Bus To Show and will also feature live on-board performances from Alphabets and Tommy Metz. Keep reading for times and locations.

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To Noveller's Sarah Lipstate, guitars are still quite relevant in experimental music

Catch Noveller and a host of other acts at this weekend's Goldrush Festival.

Noveller is the solo project of Sarah Lipstate, who had previously been in an experimental rock band from Austin called One Umbrella before she moved to Brooklyn to pursue music more fully. Upon moving to New York, she ended up joining Parts & Labor and played on that outfit's critically acclaimed album Receivers. After leaving that band in 2009, Lipstate focused on her solo work and collaborations, and before long, her imaginative guitar work using loops and creative sound manipulation struck a chord with fans of ambient music and noise.

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The bands at Riot Fest Denver ate boring sandwiches, while the fans grubbed like gods

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Aaron Thackeray
Ah, yes, so this is what they mean by "rabbit food." Oh, wait, those are plants. Eh -- same difference.

Being a rock star is clearly overrated. While the romanticized version might have you think it's all-night parties with all-you-can-eat pizza, followed by decadent, diabetic-coma-worthy binges on hot fudge speedballs, when you pull back the curtain, the sanitized, actualized version appears closer to a Sunday-school potluck with ho-hum, cold-cut catering, cold pasta salads and Cheetos. Looks like it's far better to be on this side of the stage. Continue to see what the bands were eating at Riot Fest versus what the fans were eating.

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The twenty best hairdos at Riot Fest Denver

All photos by Eric Gruneisen unless otherwise noted

There was many magnificent manes at Riot Fest Denver this past weekend. We sent Eric Gruneisen out roaming the grounds in search of the most stunning locks, and he came across a wide variety of colorful hairstyles, from vibrant candy-colored 'dos to mohawks a plenty. Keep reading to see the twenty best hairdos at Riot Fest Denver.

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The twenty best tattoos at Riot Fest Denver

All photos by Eric Gruneisen unless noted

There was some beautiful body ink at Riot Fest Denver this past weekend. We sent one of our resident shutterbugs, Eric Gruneisen, out roaming the grounds in search of the freshest ink, and he came across a wide variety of colorful adornments, including some musically themed art, a couple guitars and several vintage mics. Keep reading to see the twenty best tattoos at Riot Fest Denver.

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The best of Riot Fest Denver

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Riot Fest Denver was very well put together. The good things far outweighed the bad. In fact, any complaints we might have are incidental and barely worth mentioning, or they're inherent to the location or simply beyond organizers control. The lineup was obviously the best thing about Riot Fest Denver, but there was plenty else to love. Continue on for the best of Riot Fest Denver.

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Naked Raygun's Jeff Pezzati on Wax Trax, and why and how the band got back together


Someday a monograph about punk will give Naked Raygun its proper place of prominence in the genre's history. Naked Raygun was one of the most important punk bands to emerge in Chicago during the Reagan era. Inspired in part by the diversity of sounds in that initial wave of English punk, Naked Raygun forged a sound that was considered experimental by many of its peers early on. As the band developed, it moved into a harder-edged direction, but it also kept its knack for inventive hooks and rhythms firmly intact.

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Dismemberment Plan's Travis Morrison on the similarities of making music to programming

Shervin Lainez

The Dismemberment Plan formed on New Year's Day 1993. Although the act hails from the Washington, D.C., area, it wasn't really affiliated with the legendary DIY punk scene fostered by Dischord Records, but its eccentricity was embraced nonetheless. In its early years, the Dismemberment Plan truly explored a broad range of sounds and ideas, and that adventurous approach eventually led to a coherent aesthetic that didn't quite fit in with much of anything going on then -- or even now, for that matter.

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