Reader: "If these defacers cared so much about the original mural, why didn't they support the original business that got painted?"

Patrick Langlois

With the exception of perhaps Tim Tebow or the recent election, few things around here have been as polarizing as the mural saga at 314 E. 13th Avenue, the former home of Bender's Tavern and the new home of Quixote's True Blue, which is slated to kick off its grand reopening celebration tonight. Yesterday, the already tense discussion became even more sour when some unscrupulous person(s) defaced the new Jerry Garcia mural. Even some who were upset that the original Johnny Cash rendering had been replaced thought that crossed the line ("That Tommy's original was taken down is sad; this defacement is sad and disappointing. Come on, Denver. Be better than this"). Zoso6322, who left our comment of the day, put a finer point on it: "If these defacers cared so much about the original mural, why didn't they support the original business that got painted?"

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Reader: "Best interview I've read in a long time."

Adrian Diubaldo / Photo Roadies

If we'd have known that smoking a doobie with someone would enhance our interviews, we probably would've done it a long time ago. In case you missed it yesterday, in honor of the recently passed Amendment 64, the much ballyhooed legislation that will legalize marijuana for recreational use, we recently got stoned with the members of Wheelchair Sports Camp and chatted them up about all things mary jane, from the first time they toked up to their thoughts on the prospect of trees now being legal. It was the first in an ongoing series, and according to Shezus, who left our comment of the day, it was rather insightful.

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Reader: "Is this all you have to bitch about?"


Just before the weekend, we noticed that a new Jerry Garcia mural had been painted over Tommy Nahulu's iconic rendering of Johnny Cash on the east wall of the former Bender's Tavern on 13th, now the current home of Quixote's. We posted a short item about the piece on Friday that drew a flurry of vitriolic comments on our Facebook page. Among the more colorful comments, Zachary Helm offered: "Kinda like replacing the Last Supper with a bunch of dogs playing poker," while Phil Milleville opined that the Garcia rendering on the bathroom wall at the last Quixote's was better. The whole thing clearly struck a nerve with the community, everybody except for perhaps Loaded, who left our Comment of the Day, demanding, "Is this all you have to bitch about?"

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Reader on acts going on late, making folks wait: "What's up with the lack of respect for Denver?"

Brandon Marshall

With the election and the passing of Amendment 64, the discussion has been pretty lively, particularly in response to the Twitter reaction to 64 item we posted yesterday. Among the more interesting comments, one reader hypothesized that there will be border checks put in place to search the vehicles and person of those leaving Colorado and went on to suggest that those with Colorado plates will now be profiled, while another suggested the impending legislation serves as a big middle finger to the establishment in the name of States' rights. The comment of the day, however, comes from Ken Romero, who's incensed by what he perceives as the lack of respect shown for Denver recently by certain artists.

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Reader: "Denver ... World-Class Nanny-State"

Aaron Thackeray

Word of Rockbar's closure yesterday has been met with a variety of reactions from readers, ranging from those joining in on a chorus of good riddance on our Cafe Society blog to folks like emily225, who no doubt speaking for a good section of the nightlife community, put it simply: "nooooooooooooooooooooo." Our comment of the day, however, comes from WestGest and focuses not on the departure of Rockbar itself, but rather the perceived draconian tendencies of the city government.

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Reader weighs in on the irony of the venue choice for Tuesday's Romney/Ryan Victory Rally

Brandon Marshall. Slide show: Romney and Ryan at Red Rocks

So as many people were stoked for the Romney/Ryan Victory Rally last night at Red Rocks (more than ten thousand folks reportedly showed up and thousands were turned away), not everybody was jazzed for the event, including a group of commenters. "Interesting that a dude who got his start in rap music while hanging out in poor neighborhoods in Detroit supports Romney," wrote Ben Owens. Others got right to the point, proclaiming that this was "guaranteed to be the worst show at Red Rocks all year!" and that it provides "even more reasons to dislike Kid Rock." It was Erik Johnson, though, who pointed out the irony in the choice of venue and posted our comment of the day.

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Reader: "The Guess Who are one of the most underated rock n roll bands of all time."


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While several readers agreed with us that the Taste of Colorado lacks taste in music, one particularly impassioned commenter took umbrage with the notion that any of the artists on this year's lineup could be construed as "irrelevant" simply because they've crossed some arbitrary deadline. Somehow Budgie and the U.K. Subs got pulled into the debate with the contention that they're both "way more awesome than most of the jingy-jang cha-ching,warbling with 'ironic' 80's synth tuneless shitrock that so many of you beardo Horshacks would claim is." Page down to read Sonofvoltaire's full dig or feel free to add in your two cents.

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Reader: "Obviously this writer hasn't lived in Colorado very long"

"Planet Bluegrass wins awards and has had more sold out annual events than any other venue on this list."

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We had no idea that a simple rundown of the five best outdoor venues in Colorado to see music that aren't Red Rocks would inspire such impassioned responses -- well, one particularly impassioned response, anyway. One commenter, posting under the anonym of My Two Cents, contended that not only was this list a ridiculous fluff piece, but that Planet Bluegrass merited inclusion (a point of view shared by a few other readers), and its omission suggested that our writer had never been to any of these venues or lived in Colorado long.

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Reader: "Black & Red should definitely make the top 5"


It takes more than merely having a great selection, being in a prime location, offering reasonable prices and having an informed and friendly staff to be considered as one of the best places to buy records. According to @DenverUltigirl, our commenter of the day, the staff must be extra friendly like Black & Red's, like, say, being willing to give a high school kid a lift home after a metal show. Oh, and she also thought we blew it by making Wax Trax second on our Denver/Boulder's five best places to buy records list and even more so by omitting Black & Red entirely (a few of our Facebook friends agreed).

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Reader: "Hippies are so hip, it hurts"


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As the old saying goes, there's a thin line between love and hate. Well, likewise, it seems, there's an even thinner line between hipsters and hippies in Boulder. So sayeth @fixedtheglitch, our commenter of the day, in response to fellow commenter @Ubermajestix, who contends that our list of Boulder's five biggest hipster bars confused hipsters and hippies.

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