Wyclef Jean at Coors Event Center on 4/20

Wyclef Jean will be at the Coors Event Center on 4/20
Wyclef Jean is coming to the Coors Event Center on Friday, April 20, to perform at a free party thrown for students, sponsored by the CU Student Government in partnership with the Program Council.

As you've probably deduced, there's a method to the madness: This show is being held on 4/20, and that's no coincidence. The goal here, apparently, is to host this party in an attempt to put a damper on any sort of other unsanctioned activity that will likely take place on the campus on that particular day -- a day that, as you know, is typically associated with celebrating the wacky tabacky.

Now, lest it seem like the 11,000-seat Coors Events Center will be transformed into a giant smoke shack by inviting smokers indoors, the office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs sent a helpful reminder to students via e-mail this morning, reminding them that "Tickets will be issued for smoking marijuana on the Norlin Quad, or anywhere on campus, prior to, during and after the gathering. Such tickets can result in a $100 fine."

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Ziggy Marley: "I don't want to put anything into my body that's not natural"

Photo by Kii Arens
Ziggy Marley's new album is called Wild and Free, which he thinks is particularly appropriate for the benefit concert he's playing this Saturday, January 21, to raise awareness and funds for GMO Free Boulder, an organization fighting to keep Boulder's public lands free of genetically modified seeds. We caught up with Marley to get his take on genetically modified food and why he thinks 2012 will be the year of the people.

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Did Freddie Gibbs make it to DIA without having his weed confiscated? Appears so.

Welcome to the Mile High City, Freddie.
Now it's no secret that marijuana consumption is legal for medicinal purposes. The number of medical marijuana dispensaries in Denver rival the number of Starbucks, and hell, we're even called the Mile High City, for chrissakes. But this truly takes the cake. While we don't have anything to substantiate that this happened at DIA (it's more likely that the search in question occurred at whatever airport the flight originated at), this astonishingly hilarious discovery was presumably made by Freddie Gibbs somewhere on Denver soil sometime after his flight landed.

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Musical marijuana: It's always been assumed they make great bongfellows. Now we have proof.

Nothing like music to get you high
Speaking strictly anecdotally, from Bob Marley and Cypress Hill to Sublime and Wiz Khalifa to an endless parade of musical stoners, it's always been something of a foregone conclusion that music and mary jane go together swimmingly, like ham and burger, beach and sand. Now, thanks to some enterprising smoketologist who entered our Stoner MacGyver contest, which runs through next week, we have proof. Wonder if that thing's functional. Check, check, mike check.

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420 songs to jam on 4/20 at 4:20

If you're smart, you can do this all day.
Did you know today is 4/20? That means at 4:20, you get to smoke some of the sticky-icky-oooo-weee , put on the best chill tunes, and relax. As if this is different from any other day -- but today, you get to do it in the park while all your friends are with you, and the DPD can't do shit. Before you do that, though, you should probably check your to-do list and make sure you got to everything. Fortunately for you, we're supplying a compilation of twenty songs you need to listen to while knocking out that list, so you can still get high tomorrow and not run into the same problem...

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Twenty things to do on 4/20 -- happy holiday!

It's April 20: Do you know where your headies are? Because nothing goes with everyone's favorite (legal!) medicine like listening to righteous tunes, here's a rundown of where you can go to get your musical fix tonight -- trichromes not included.

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Das Racist at Natural Remedies MMJ Dispensary, both joking and not joking

Das Racist.jpg
Das Racist. Photo by Britt Chester

Das Racist is in Denver for the second time this year, and we talked to them in the former smoking lounge at Natural Remedies medical marijuana dispensary in LoDo. Band members Victor Vazquez, Ashok Kondabolu and Himanshu Suri talked about the future of the small-time pot dealer (not good), the top ten MCs in the game (Earth, Wind & Fire is one of them. As are Earth, Wind and Fire separately) and more. Video footage below.

Das Racist will be headlining tonight's Remedy Relief benefit show at Casselman's Bar and Venue. The show, which also features Pictureplane, Hollagramz, DJ Synergy, Kentdub, and DJ Nikka T, starts at 8:00 p.m. All proceeds from the $15 ticket price go to the C3 Initiative.

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Cypress Hill bring out their seven-foot bong, massive spliffs on stage at Mile High Music Festival

Cypress Hill-BLF (16).JPG
Brian Landis Folkins
Colorado is a pretty progressive state when it comes to smoking marijuana. There are hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries centers that will sell the kush to anyone with the money and a doctor's note. But with the swarms of cops and security roving the grounds of Dick's Sporting Goods Park outside of Denver on Saturday, it was still pretty audacious for one of the original weed rap groups, to light up the monumental bong on-stage -- and what looked like the joint from Pineapple Express. We've got the photos.

To you Cypress Hill, we salute. (Click play and scroll through these photos.)

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On 4/20, the best pot references in kids' shows

"I learned it by watching you!"
Kids' shows have always had small jokes designed to go over the heads of the little ones and appeal to the parents in the audience. Or if not the parents, at least to the creative teams on the shows themselves, as they try to stave off serious depression after realizing that they've committed a huge part of their lives to making, say, the Smurfs movie. So it only stands to reason that, to ameliorate the shame of such a gig, drugs might be involved. And it follows, then, that some in-jokes about said drugs might slip in. Maybe.

Or maybe it's just that because of 4/20 and the proliferation of Denver dispensaries,we have green on the brain. You be the judge.

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Rocky Mountain High: Join our sing-a-bong on this unofficial version of the official state song

On Thursday, the House Judiciary Committee will hold a public hearing on HB 1284, which would regulate -- some say snuff out -- the medical marijuana industry in this state.

It's a sad come-down for the Colorado Legislature, the very body that back in 2007 made John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" -- complete with drug references -- the state's second official song. Since the sponsor of that measure, former state senator Bob Hagedorn, is now working as a lobbyist with medical marijuana groups, the time seems right to offer an update on Colorado's co-state song.

Won't you sing-a-bong?

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