If you knew you would never make a living making music, would you still keep making it?

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Yesterday, Pitchfork posted a short interview with Marnie Stern -- the lovely lass from the Win a Date with Marnie Stern (but only if you live in New York and are not a stalker/creepo) contest -- in which she revealed that she's essentially broke and not making ends meet with her music ("I used to think I would be able to make a living off music, but I don't any more"), yet she remains undaunted. Resigning herself to the fact that these are just the realities that come with her chosen path, she vows to continue expressing herself and feels fortunate to even have the chance. If it became evident that you'd never make a living making music (or just doing what you love), that you'd always struggle and always have to keep a day job, would you continue pursuing your passion? We suspect we know the answer, but tell us anyway.

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Can't win a date with Marnie Stern? Who's your dream date from the Denver music scene?

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Kiernan Maletsky
Ah, yes, if only you lived in New York, you could win a date with the illustrious Marnie Stern. But you don't, so who would you most like to win a date with in Denver?

So this Win a Date With Marnie Stern contest everybody is working themselves into a lather about this morning is ingenious. Seriously. Worked like a charm, Kill Rock Stars. Way to go! Problem is, the label, which is financing this enviable excursion to promote Stern's forthcoming Chronicles of Marnia, has limited entries to those who live in the New York area. Pretty sure Denver doesn't qualify. Just the same, maybe there's something to this whole thing: Let's say we had the wherewithal (we don't, but, then again, maybe we do) to set up a date with any single person (and by single, we mean not attached -- we're not trying to break up any marriages here) from the Denver scene, who would you most like to win a night out with, and why? Weigh in below. Oh, but before you do that, check out the note Marnie Stern's publicist sent about dating her:

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