The Congress recorded a covers album in an old Masonic Temple on an old Tascam eight-track

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Josh Elioseff

Typically when a band records and releases a covers album, it's a sign of creative fatigue. This is not the case with the Congress, who picked up an old Tascam 388 reel-to-reel recorder and decided to record a bunch of covers, for an EP titled The Loft Tapes, which they'll release tomorrow night at the Bluebird. Inspired by listening to Donny Hathaway's live album, the guys evidently thought it would be cool to record a bunch of tunes nodding to the soul greats that inspired them -- raw, live, straight to tape, with as minimal fuss as possible.

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While there have been a hundred Jay-Z mash-ups, American Gangster by Big J Beats stands out

Big J and Mark-rsz.jpeg

Contrary to trends among rising hip-hop artists these days, Big J Beats doesn't flood the internet with a new song or mixtape every other week. But despite the shortage of releases, he's definitely prolific, and it turns out his hard drive is a gold mine of unreleased gems, including American Gangsters, a jewel of a remix album he dropped last week that combines Jay-Z a capellas with the soulful sounds of the O'Jays -- a natural combination in more ways than their shared syllable.

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Sample a track from the Hollow Talk, the new band feat ex-members of d.biddle and more

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Hollow Talk. You probably don't know the name yet, but you're almost certain to recognize the names of players in this new outfit, which is slated to make its live debut tomorrow night at the hi-dive with the Big Get Even and Rowboat. I hesitate to toss out the "supergroup" designation here, as it's vastly overused, and it sometimes sets the bar unfairly high for expectations right at the onset. Honestly, though, it's fitting for this particular group. There's ample reason here to expect greatness.

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Black In Bluhm marks first anniversary by posting a free thirteen-track compilation

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Chris Fogal's studio has been around for three years, but this evening he and Dan Fox are celebrating Black In Bluhm's first anniversary with a little gathering amongst friends at their studio. Three years ago, the pair became partners and moved the studio out of Fogal's Park Hill basement and into the building where the studio now resides at Colfax and Dahlia. Fox, who plays in the Dropskots, manages the studio's eight rehearsal spaces, while Fogal handles all of the production and engineering.

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Spoke In Wordz drops the title track from the Around the World and Back documentary

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Last month we told you about Around the Word and Back, the documentary being made about Matt Rutherford, a local man who made history by sailing around both continents of the Americas by himself. In the process of putting the movie together, director Tony Salvia came across music that Rutherford had made with his former classmate Spoke In Wordz. Inspired by what he heard, Salvia got in touch with the rapper and asked him to produce some music for the film. With the help of David McCoy (DMD) and LateNite Ent, Spoke delivered a track that's set to be featured in the opening scenes of the movie. Continue on to listen to "Around the World and Back."

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Preview a brand-new track from Tin Horn Prayer's forthcoming album, Grapple the Rails

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Tiffiny Kallina

Tinhorn Prayer has finished work on its brand-new album, Grapple the Rails. We've got a sneak peek of the cover art, designed by Ryan Besch, best known for his merch design work for acts like the Black Keys, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Flatfoot 56, as well as a look at a track from the forthcoming album. Slated for release this fall on Paper + Plastik Records, the imprint founded by Less Than Jake drummer and Fueled by Ramen co-founder, Vinnie Fiorello, Grapple the Rails follows a split seven-inch on P+P with Rob Huddleston, and a pair of releases by fellow locals the Gamits and Jon Snodgrass. Page down to get a gander at the cover and give a listen to "Call a Priest."

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Download two new tracks from the Foodchain

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Hot on the heels of its latest release, Brunch, the Foodchain is back with a whole bunch of new music. The crew will be releasing one song a week for the rest of the summer as a part of its summer series, which kicked off last week with "Gone." We've got that track below, along with this week's cut, "Young Amsterdam," an ode to the high-flying lifestyle of the Mile High City. This new smoker's anthem, produced by Mass Prod, finds the cats musing about Mary Jane over a laid back beat. Page down to get your Friday Freeloader on, and then turn this one up, roll your windows down and get high.

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Time keeps on ticking with an Adam Yauch tribute and new album in the works

Time-DirtyLab pic.jpeg
Dirty Laboratory
Among a handful of the local music-scene tributes to recently deceased Beastie Boy Adam Yauch, Time offered his respects for the fallen MC and activist on a new tune, "Too Sweet to Be Sour," a cross-Atlantic collaboration with British MC Akira the Don. The track opens with a crisp horn line looping over a pounding '80s analog kit reminiscent of Rick Rubin's License to Ill-era productions. The sampled chorus, Yauch's line "Too sweet to be sour/To nice to be mean," introduces each MC, whose verses mingle memories and some clever Beastie references.

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Win passes to 2012 Sonic Bloom Festival

Update 4/27/12: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners, Jese Kitty, Laura Dev, Ben Kurish and Corinne Wiehe, and thanks to everyone else for all the other entries!

Overhead view of Sonic Bloom Music Festival from 2011 at Shadow's Ranch in Georgetown, Colorado

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Sonic Bloom 2012 is coming up quick. Have you seen the lineup for the fest? It's pretty stacked. PANTyRAiD, Bonobo, Emancipator, VibeSquad -- those are just a few of the acts slated to perform at the Unified Field at Shadow's Ranch on Thursday, June 21 through Sunday, June 24. We've got two pairs of three-day passes up for grabs. Would you and a guest like to be our guest? Page down to find out how you can win.

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Download a track from Wheelchair Sports Camp's forthcoming EP, Where We All Live

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Wheelchair Sports Camp performing on the way to this year's SXSW festival.

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Wheelchair Sports Camp is back from this year's SXSW and survived their travels with very few cops and more than enough motivation. The band is set to release its new EP, Where We All Live, digitally on May 1, with limited copies available at Independent Records Store on Saturday, April 21, in honor of record store day. (The physical version features art by Frank Kwiatkowski with a poster and wheat paste recipe). The new joint boasts fresh production and newer than new rhymes from MC Kalyn Heffernan. The group has blessed us with a dope track from the record, "Are You Hung Up," to share with you. Be sure to check for saxophonist Abi McGaha Miller's sexy solo on this track. Page down to download the cut for free. We love it, and you're welcome.

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