How not to interact with female musicians

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Editor: Robin Edwards is a frequent Westword contributor who has played in several Denver bands. Her solo project is called Lisa Prank.

Sometimes I wonder what it was like before bands had Internet presences. Did creepy dudes just send their vaguely threatening messages to female musicians through the mail with locks of their hair? I've been thinking that might not have been out of the question ever since I received a Facebook message from a guy who went to one of my band's shows. He asked if he could be my stalker and added a goofy emoticon and a few "jk"s. I assume that was a way to hedge so that when I responded, he could pull the old, "I was joking! Don't be crazy!" card. Unfortunately, violence against women, which can certainly start with stalking, is a very real concern in our society, so it's not something you should joke about, especially with a complete stranger over the Internet.

I thought that threatening someone's personal safety was a commonsense no-no, but apparently that's not the case. So here's a handy guide with ways not to interact with female musicians. This is good advice for dealing with any human beings, actually, but it seems that these things happen at an alarmingly high rate to those of us who have the audacity to get on stage with instruments but no penis.

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Eminem zings the Denver Broncos on MMLP2

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Eminem's new album, MMLP2, comes out next week. It's fire, from what we've heard so far. Anyhow, you'll be especially interested in the opening track, "Bad Guy," in which an associate of an old friend, a fella you might remember by the name of Stan, makes an appearance, and towards the end of the cut, he name drops our beloved home team. Well, "name drops" is probably generous. "Here's your Broncos hat," he spits. "You can have that shit back 'cause they suck." Assuming the "Broncos" in question here is ours, and we're also going to have to assume that the track, which bristles with classic Eminem venom, clearly isn't based on reality. Have a listen.

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After suffering marijuana-induced psychosis, the Mad Fanatic got high on the Denver Broncos

Meet Andrew Young, aka the Mad Fanatic, Denver Broncos superfan.

Andrew Young loves the Denver Broncos. A lot. No, seriously, he's a fanatic. Literally. Broncos football is what this guy lives for. He says it saved his life and gave him purpose. After being hospitalized for marijuana-induced psychosis, his life lost much of its color, but orange and blue never faded. Now, you've heard sports songs, and you've seen superfans, but Young, better known as the Mad Fanatic, occupies both of these spaces like no one you've ever seen before.

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Porn shot on Westboro Baptist Church's lawn by punk band on its way to Denver from Kansas

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Before Get Shot! made its way to Denver for a show at 3 Kings Tavern earlier this week, the members of the Sacramento-based quartet apparently had a little sacrilege to tend to, namely filming their bass player, one miss Laura Lush, diddling herself on the front lawn of the Westboro Baptist Church. The band was in Topeka on Saturday for a gig later that night, and evidently they had time on their hands, so they figured why not stir the pot.

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Peyton Manning sings "Folsom Prison Blues" and "Luckenbach Texas" with Luke Bryan


So this happened. This past Saturday night in Indianapolis, in an airplane hangar somewhere, Peyton Manning offered up this chilling rendition of "Folsom Prison Blues" with Luke Bryan. Clearly, Manning is an upgrade from Tebow in more ways than one. Want more? You got it. The Broncos' QB also karaoked up "Luckenbach, Texas," by Waylon Jennings. Continue on to see for yourself.

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Coverville Records successfully funds its passion project: jazz renditions of video game tunes

Brian Ibbott signing copies of Smooth Federation, the debut release on Coverville Records.

Nerds of a feather flock together, as they say. Brian Ibbott and jazz composer Andrew Allen have once again proven this adage to be entirely true. The two have paired up to produce another passion project that is sure to appeal to the dorkiest dweebs you know, Free Play, an album of traditional jazz renditions of video game songs. Their first Kickstarter-funded project was even geekier than that: Smooth Federation, an all jazz tribute to Star Trek. The new one, which has surpassed its Kickstarter goal, is slated to be the second release on Ibbott's Coverville Records imprint.

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Macklemore song allegedly drives Longmont woman to assault her boyfriend on his birthday

A 23-year-old Longmont woman was arrested over the weekend for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend -- over Macklemore's inescapable hit single "Thrift Shop," which he wouldn't stop singing.

When "Thrift Shop" first came out, before it got completely driven into the ground, it was actually a pretty catchy single. Of course once you've heard it nine million times, it loses its luster and just becomes grating. It's enough to drive you to drink, or madness -- or both, in this case.

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#FreeCrunkBear: Carly "Crunk Bear" McKinney is free -- from her job, that is. Paging Diplo...

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Carly McKinney, otherwise known as "Carly Crunk Bear" is "no longer employed" by the Cherry Creek school district, according to our Latest Word blog. The teacher, as you might remember, made headlines at the end of January for comments and photos on Twitter she's alleged to have made/posted. Diplo, as you also might remember, took up for the suspended teacher by launching a grassroots #freecrunkbear campaign on Twitter. The Latest Word has the full story. In the meantime, someone get Diplo.

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The ridiculous and rare: The 25 best publicity photos from our dust-covered filing cabinet

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Once upon a time when imposing creatures like Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch roamed the earth, we used to get glossy black and white publicity photos sent to us by the truckload along with CDs (I know, right?). The discs are obviously long gone, but we crammed the pics into a filing cabinet and forgot about 'em. Until yesterday. We flipped through a few drawers and found a treasure trove of choice stuff, including the one above of Kid Rock in braids, plus a shot of Blink-182 without Travis Barker, a portrait of the late Aaliyah, a shaggy version of Kings of Leon looking like Nazarath or something and tons of other goodness. Continue on for the 25 best publicity photos we unearthed.

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The Flaming Lips' chocolate-heart creator talks about the painstaking process of making it tick

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Instagram/Mary Beth Babcock

By now you've long since been grossed out/freaked out/mesmerized by the seemingly inexhaustible creative genius of Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne, the latest example of which, of course, is an anatomically correct chocolate heart that comes signed by the band in custom packaging and complete with an embedded USB drive containing fifteen tracks of music. If you haven't seen it yet, the instagram above of Coyne devouring the delectable heart has been making the rounds this week.

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