Ticketmaster fan reviews of ten Colorado acts

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Eric Gruneisen

So we were looking something up on Ticketmaster the other day, and it turns out the site is quite a treasure trove of fan reviews. Kind of like the Yelp of music, only without all the vitriol. Who knew, right? Granted, some of the criticism is misdirected, from complaints about the sound or the venue to the merits of the opening acts or the elements, but the reviews are at least honest. Out of curiosity, we plugged in ten of the more marquee names from the scene, and here's how they fared, based on the number of reviews.

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Mr. T or Ice-T: Who said it?


Government shut down got you down? There, there, friend. Rest easy. Forget about the Tea Party upheaval for a minute. There's more pressing T's to cross right now, like seeing if you can figure out which "T" said what from the quotes below. Now this quiz isn't as random as you might think. Laurence Tureaud and Tracy Marrow have more in common than just an initial. Both men have made a living off of their rough and tumble roots -- one, an actor who tried his hand a rapping, and the other, a rapper who tried his hand at acting. Keep reading to see if you can guess which 1980s icon said what.

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The ten best "yeahs" in recent music history

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Aaron Thackeray

Granted, sometimes invoking a pithy "yeah" in song might seem like token verbalizing just to fill in the gaps when a singer can't think of anything else to say. No argument there. Sometimes, though, a forceful "yeah" can express all kinds of raw, unbridled emotion (see James Hetfield). Uh-huh. Yeah. Exactly. See what I'm saying? Keep reading for a quick rundown of the best "yeahs" in music history. Yeaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

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Video: The ten best impromptu painted piano performances from the 16th Street Mall

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Downtown Denver Partnership

I was down on 16th Street mall recently around lunch time, and I couldn't get over how many freaking people are down there these days. I used to work a few blocks from the mall -- of course this was eons ago when the streets were still lined with buggies and Washington was still in office -- and it was nothing like this. Can't imagine having to navigate the sweaty masses every day now. Could easily see a dude coming unhinged and going all Michael Douglas Falling Down or something.

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Illuminating facts about X-Factor's recent visit to Denver: Simon Cowell ate bull's balls

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Simon Cowell seen here talking about taking Denver by the balls.

The X-Factor recently held open auditions in Denver. One of my neighbors tried out, and he did okay, I guess, good enough to make it to the third round. Everything was going swimmingly, his sister told me, until he started singing, apparently. Nerves got the best of him when he finally got in front of Simon Cowell. Eh, well, from the looks of it, my man was far from the worst that Denver had to offer Cowell and company -- at least if you ask the illustrious curmudgeon, whose cohorts evidently made him eat some "bull's balls" while he was here.

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Praise Yeezus! Kanye's non-campaign campaign seen here in action on the streets of Denver

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Eat your heart out, Ye-thiests. We have visual confirmation: Yeezus is coming! Soon.

Talking, of course, about Yeezus, Kanye's much ballyhooed album, which he previewed last night at an exclusive gathering in New York. It's coming out this Tuesday, and as you'll notice from the album's minimal packaging (which you've no doubt seen by now, unless you've avoided the Internet for the past two weeks), the image of this record is...well, there is no image. That's the thing, see. There is no campaign. No songs for radio. Nada. And that's intentional. But is this non-campaign album campaign working? Does it matter? What would Yeezus do -- or, rather, say, in this case?

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The ten most brutally honest songwriters

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Let's be real: Most songwriting amounts to a bunch of vague amateur poetry with pretensions of profundity. In the midst of all the babble, though, periodically a lyricist will emerge who has the courage to write about things that are real, raw and personal. That kind of truly honest songwriting relies on emotional fortitude and the ability to look within, and as painful as the process can be, it produces undeniably affecting music. Here's a look at the ten most brutally honest songwriters.

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The ten most noteworthy music publicity stunts

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Sometimes flawless technique, inspired lyrics and a devoted fan base aren't enough. Sometimes you've gotta do something outlandish to step up your game and grab the world's attention. Some would say that getting on a stage and saying, "Hey! Watch what I'm doing!" might be considered attention-seeking behavior, but certain musicians take it to a whole new level. Whether for the sake of art, to go down in history or to sell as many records as possible, they devise feats of daring that most of us wouldn't dream.

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