Courtney Love and Lana Del Rey Touring Together? Right On.

Lana Del Rey (left) by Marta Xochilt Perez. Courtney Love by Kevin Todora.
A match made in heaven.
First: If you're a Courtney Love-hating troll and you've just stopped by this post to take a verbal shit on her existence with your misogynist insistence that she's a fame whore who ruined Nirvana forever and killed Kurt, you can just stop reading right now. Seriously, go back to wanking off to listicles ranking the 147 best Foo Fighters' songs or whatever.

Now, let's look at the real topic of conversation: Lana Del Rey and Courtney Love are touring together. Though it may be brief -- just a handful of Rey's 2015 tour dates starting in May are slated to feature Love -- it is radical that this is happening at all.

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Here's why YouTube shouldn't screw over indie labels


Starring an outraged Adele, an EU lawsuit and social media's tendency to distort information, the "YouTube vs. Independent Labels" fiasco that's played out over the past several weeks highlights most of what's wrong with the Internet these days.

In case you missed the brouhaha, here's a quick recap: YouTube is rolling out a streaming music service like Pandora, Rhapsody and Spotify. It'll be the same old song and dance as the others (free with ads, or pay $10 per month to listen commercial-free) -- except this one will be hosted on one of the Internet's most visited websites.

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Flobot: Progressive's ad agency apparently isn't progressive enough to do a Google search


Alright, here's something that's been bugging the utter shit out of me for a while now. Have you seen the Progressive commercials featuring Flobot? They're hilarious. Actually, no, they're not. They're completely inane. But whatever. You can say the same about 99.5 percent of the commercials on TV. Anyhow, while I'm normally impervious to this sort of inanity, these clips have me all sorts of irked like no other, doctor.

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Hey, Kanye, that Notorious B.I.G. track being used to hype Taco Bell: Selling out or buying in?


This past weekend at London's Hammersmith Apollo, Kanye West went on a rant about selling out. Apparently, he now hates the Grammys, corporations and possibly the new Justin Timberlake song. Ironically, the self proclaimed "Louis Vuitton Don" saw absolutely no conflict of interest in calling out artists who court corporate sponsorship -- timely, considering that his tunes have been licensed this year to sell beer, movies and affordable mid size sedans.

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Can we get Sirius for minute? It's time to give these six artists their own channel already!

Monica Fuentes

Craig Hlavaty

I've had satellite radio in my life since Christmas. Nothing is better than falling asleep on the couch on a Saturday afternoon after a big fat lunch with Willie's Roadhouse playing, waking up every few hours to piss during a Ray Price cut and then falling back to sleep. What I love the most -- besides the Howard Stern stations, since I am eternally fourteen -- are the stations that Sirius/XM devotes to one single artist. It probably helps that I love these artists in the first place.

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25 reasons the Denver music scene rules

Britt Chester
Just look at this view captured during a Big Gigantic show at Red Rocks last year.

Denver is the capital of Colorado. It is located exactly one mile above sea level. Weed is legal here, while riding your bike on the sidewalk is not. Your mom can make more free throws than Andre Iguodala -- these are all facts. The music scene here sucks, that is an opinion. The difference? One's irrefutable, and the other, well, nobody asked you, random Craigslist dude. Listen, there are plenty of things about the scene that we're not crazy about, but the good far outweighs the bad. If you think it sucks, you're either new here or you're just not paying attention. Here are 25 reasons the Denver music scene rules.

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The Truth About Rock is absolutely terrifying


A few days ago, Angus T. Jones had some sort of crisis of conscious. In a video for a church in Alabama, he urged people to stop watching his show, Two and a Half Men. "Please stop filling your head with filth," he implored. "People say it's just entertainment. The fact that it's some research on the effects of television on your brain, and I promise you, you'll have a decision to make when it comes to television, and especially what you watch on television. It's bad news. I don't know if it means any more coming from me, um, but you might not have heard it otherwise." Actually, Angus, I have heard it otherwise, many years ago, in fact -- only this same sort of sentiment was applied to music, not television.

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The Taste of Colorado lacks taste in music


The Taste of Colorado just announced the latest addition to its lineup, the Pointer Sisters, who will join other outfits already slated to perform, including the Spin Doctors, Burton Cummings of the Guess Who, Lou Gramm and Head East. While the groups on this bill might have been mildly intriguing three decades or more ago (or never, in the case of the Spin Doctors), today they're barely worth the price of admission. And the Taste is free.

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Video: With Whitney Houston, the only difference was that everyone knew her name

The only difference between Whitney Houston and the guy who pissed himself in his cot and died last night in the Salvation Army shelter is that nobody knew that guy's name," says Jef Otte in this week's video sidebar to his "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart" weekly column, After Whitney died, pundits got out the soapboxes in record time." Watch the full video below.

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Video: Why Nickelback is poised to take Creed down a peg

Today marks the debut of a new weekly video rant from our resident loudmouthed rabble-rouser Jef Otte, who does his level best each week to break your heart. In the video-version of I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, monsieur Otte attempts to make a compelling case for why Nickelback is poised to knock Creed from the top spot for the title of Worst Band in the World. Kind of like peeling the wings off a fly if you ask us, but he does make some decent points. Page down to see what the old man has to say, and then feel free to fire back with a take of your own.

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