Why EDM is thriving while other genres aren't

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Aaron Thackeray
Slide show: The People of Skylab 2012
DJs are the new rock stars? Maybe. (Although chefs are already the new rock stars.) Still, the big name DJs do seem to be living pretty large, what with the constant travel to exotic locations, goofily-clad fans, eager women, drugs and parties. Just swap MacBooks for guitars and it doesn't look so different from the way Zeppelin rolled in 1973.

What's missing, however, are album sales. Despite the genre's re-emergence in recent years to gargantuan crowds, you won't find most electronic artists on the mainstream charts, at least outside of the marquee names like Skrillex, Deadmau5, and Swedish House Mafia. Albums and singles are rarely certified at the gold and platinum levels. (Skrillex's "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites," which introduced a whole generation to dubstep, just recently passed a million in sales -- more than two years after its release!) And while streaming services like Spotify and Rdio are earning artists a few dimes here and there, much electronic music is given away for free online.

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Merry Christmas from Radiohead: Lost track potentially called "Putting Ketchup in the Fridge" resurfaces online

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Hold onto your hats!
Whichever one of you asked for a new Radiohead song for Christmas, thank you. To be honest, you should have been a bit more specific, but we at Backbeat are counting our blessings regardless. According to the epic Brit rockers' obsessive fansite, Atease.com, the long-lost track you are about to listen to below has made its way from somewhere within the band's early '90s Pablo Honey days to its post-King-of-Limbs, Jonny's-really-into-soundtracks days just in time for the holidays.

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The ghost of Denver's hair metal past visits and comes bearing a holiday gift that keeps on giving

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In the hierarchy of things that happened in the pop metal world after Nirvana's Nevermind was released, this one has to rank pretty high in the pantheon, at least locally. The year was 1993: The music industry was booming, hair metal was fading and a handful of Denver rock enthusiasts were making a Christmas power ballad for charity. They had great hair, great pants and even greater intentions. And they liked Foreigner, evidently. A lot.

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Week in Review: 2/16/09 - 2/20/09

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All right, so we've reached the end of another work week in the Mile High City. While we can no longer brag about having the best selling band in the country, from what we can tell, Denver music is still on the minds and in the ears of at least a few prominent folks in what's left of the industry. The highlights of the week: AP Magazine listed 3OH!3 as one of the one hundred bands you need to know in 2009, Jessica Sonner landed a song on an episode of HBO's Big Love, which is slated to air this Sunday night, we learned that Leftover Salmon's Bill McKay will not be charged in the potential criminal case he was facing in Eagle County and Jim McTurnan is working with Jason Martin from Starflyer 59 on the former's upcoming solo album. What else... oh, we offered you an exclusive sneak peek of the new Still City album, revealed the line-up for the Mile Hi-Fidelity day party at SXSW, and a whole bunch more. After the jump, as we always do at this time, we've posted a handy link guide so you can reflect on the week or catch up on anything you might have missed. Have a great weekend. See y'all on Monday!

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Week in Review: 2/9/09 - 2/13/09

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The biggest news of the week in Denver music was obviously the Fray being the biggest selling band in the country. But aside from that, there was a ton of other news, like word of SleeperHorse parting ways, Gregory Alan Isakov touring with Brandi Carlile, Single File being featured on Spin.com, the Knew landing a track on Breaking Bad, Pictureplane linking up with Lovepump United and touring with HEALTH, Fort Collins launching their own local music festival, Young Coyotes releasing a pair of EPs, DJ Bedz and Quote holding things down at the NBA All-Star game down in Phoenix and a whole bunch more. After the jump we've posted a handy link guide so you can reflect on the week or catch up on anything you might have missed. Happy Valentine's day. In the immortal words of Kojak, who loves you, baby? We do. Have a weekend!

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Week in Review: 2/2/09 - 2/6/09)

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Undoubtedly, the biggest news this week was word that Jim Dalton had been asked to join Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, replacing his friend, departing guitarist Steve Larson. This was also the week that the Fray's new album hit stores, which made for a great photo opportunity for Locals Only host, Alf. We posted a lot of other stuff this week including a Q&A with Fucked Up's Damian Abraham, Sound Bites returned and we gave you the scoop on the lineup thus far for Heavenfest 2009. To catch up on things you might've missed this week or to refresh your memory, we've compiled a handy list of links for you after the jump. See you on Monday!

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Week in Review: 1/26/09 - 1/30/09

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In terms of music news this was a slower week in the Mile High City. The biggest items were news of Overcasters being invited to perform at South By Southwest on the heels of a particularly harrowing trip to the East Coast a few weeks ago with the Fluid, followed closely by DJ Vajra's inclusion in a Serato Scratch ad in BPM Magazine. This week, the first review of the Fray's new record also came down from Rolling Stone, who panned it and tossed in a Coldplay comparison for good measure. Beyond the news and the free music we offered for download, the hottest item on the blog this week was the whole phenomenon of talking at shows. As a follow-up to the most recent installment of the Beatdown, we asked a few songwriters to weigh in with their thoughts, which inspired Cory Casiato to chime in with some thoughts of his own. If you missed anything of the things mentioned here, as always, we've assembled a handy list of links to all of the stories that ran on the blog this week. See you on Monday!

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Week in review: 1/19/09 - 1/23/09

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From Leftover Salmon's Bill McKay being arrested to Swayback adding Adam Tymn from Vaux to its line-up to Frontside Five and 29th St. Disciples landing record deals, there was tons happening this week. The biggest and perhaps most stunning item of the week, however, has to be news of the unfortunate and untimely demise of Hearts of Palm, one of the most promising bands to emerge from Denver in the past five years. After the jump, in case you missed anything, we've compiled a handy list of links to all of this week's stories so you can catch up. Have a weekend. See you on Monday.

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Rearview: The week in review (1-5-09 - 1-9-09)

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This was very active week for music in the three-oh-three. Hell of a lot of stuff going on. Put it this way, we feel like we earned that cold one we're about crack by blogging our backsides off. No really. I have no ass. Ask around. I'm all front, no back. Of course, that could also just be the curse of the fatman. Where was I... oh, yeah, so, from checking out and weighing in on the Fray's show at the Gothic to having the pleasure of delivering news of Havok's (pictured above) new deal with Candle Light Records and word of the Pirate Signal's choice gig at Sundance, we had no shortage of things to write about. Missed a day? No worries. After the jump we've compiled handy list of links to this week's blog items. As my old buddy Dan Mitchell would say, have a weekend. -- Dave Herrera

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Rearview: The week in review (12/22/08 - 12/25/2008)

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Let's hope your Christmas was better than this.  

Here's you guide to all the great content on Backbeat Online you might have missed this week while you were busy getting trampled by crazed shoppers at Walmart, heavily drinking or wishing you didn't have to hang with the in-laws.

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