Skypin' with Jesus, eating hot wings and flying high with Denver party rappers Bald Eagles

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Courtesy of Bald Eagles
"Skypin' with Jesus on the Eagle Hotline.
Flyin' so high, looking for a good time?
Dial 8-1-3, EAGLE 69."

The Bald Eagles Hotline is real. If you dial 813-EAGLE-69 and Arthur Jimenez, a.k.a. Pimp Eagle, and Dominic Esparza, a.k.a. Sun-Ray Eagle Boi happen to be in the same room, they will answer the phone and talk to you. The number actually rings to both rappers' cell phones, but they made a pact not to answer a call unless they are together.

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The Denver Noise Fest 2014 lineup, featuring David Wright and Mark Hosler of Negativland

Tom Murphy
Mr. Sturgeon at Noise Fest 2010.
Denver Noise Fest just announced the line-up for its 2014 festival, running Friday, April 25 and Saturday, April 26. The annual festival is one of the largest and most eclectic of its type in the country. Both nights will feature an eclectic array of noise artists from across the country. And the "Harsh Toast" event held from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday will comprise the more ambient side of the festival's offerings.

Friday night's headliner is experimental electronic act Not Breathing, the project of David Wright, whose collaborators have included Cluster, Crash Worship and Steve Roach. The headliner for Saturday is Mark Hosler, who some may know better for his work in art-prankster sound artists Negativland. Tickets are $20 for a two day pass and $15 for a single day. For more information, visit The full listing is below.

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Thug Entrancer's Ryan McRyhew on Death After Life and his fondness for The Notorious B.I.G.

Jonathan Galbreath

Thug Entrancer (due tonight at the Sidewinder Tavern) is the latest musical project of Ryan McRyhew. For years McRyhew has been involved in various experimental Denver bands, including The Devil Made the Dinosaurs, Thundercade and Hideous Men, the project he helms with his wife, Kristi Schaefer. Thug Entrancer is something McRyhew developed most fully while he and Schaefer were living in Chicago for graduate school.

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Toy Box's Carter Matthews: "I want to express something you can't record and have in song"


Carter Matthews, better known these days as Toy Box, is bringing a new voice to the Colorado EDM scene. With a live show complemented by live instrumentation -- namely, a 1911 Gibson mandolin -- Matthews is putting a new slant on dance music. We spoke with the young producer about the multitude of influences he draws from, how he got into producing music when he was in high school, and what he believes makes the most audience-engaging show for a one-man performance.

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Meet Denver Disco resident Falcon Punch


Denver Disco resident DJ Falcon Punch -- or Avery Henderson, as he's known to folks back home in Minnesota -- recently moved to Boulder from Los Angeles. After graduating from Occidental College, where he majored in sociology and minored in music, he took a job at an ad agency in Boulder and immediately tuned into the local music scene. Through a friend, he found the Denver Disco thread, submitted some music and earned a spot in the crew. Combining his fluency in bass, guitar and piano, Falcon Punch is reviving the funk and disco movements by inserting a modern, upbeat tempo into the flavors that founded the best dance-music era of them all.

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Gabriel Otto of Pan Astral: "Our music really spawned from the visual place."


Drawing from influences from nearly every genre, Pan Astral (due this Saturday, January 4, at Larimer Lounge) is pushing the barriers between sound and visual elements in a live show. Similar to the likes of bands like EOTO, which improvises audio and visuals live in each show, Pan Astral strives to create more of a performance art piece, rather than just a typical concert with banging drops and sloshed beer. We recently spoke with founding member Gabriel Otto about what sorts of elements influence the band, how each member plays a crucial role in developing the music and how film and fine-art play a major role in the sound design.

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A.G. Flux of Black Mask and A.V.I.U.S. of Prime Element talk about their new EP, How Cliché


Prime Element and Black Mask are two local hip-hop outfits making compelling music, and now members of the two acts are making music together. How Cliché, a new EP featuring A.V.I.U.S. from Prime Element and the multi-talented AG Flux from Black Mask, dropped today. In advance of the release party next Wednesday, December 18, at Cervantes' Other Side, we spoke with the pair about the new record and how they ended up collaborating.

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Megan Burtt's latest album finds her In Good Company with some fellow local songwriters

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A few years ago, while she was touring, Megan Burtt came up with her 'In Good Company' concept. The idea was pretty straightforward: With so many songwriting friends in various places, Burtt decided she'd get together with each one, write a song in a day, learn one of their songs (and they one of hers) and a cover, and then stream the performance of all four songs on Stageit.

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Meet Patrick Lee, a musical loner who loves playing for a crowd

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Patrick Lee has taken a Jekyll and Hyde approach to music. He leads several musical lives that rarely intersect -- so much so that you could see him in one context and not recognize him in the next. There's Patrick Lee, the virtuoso piano/organ/keyboard player, who views live music as "improvisatory madness with friends" and leads a jazz trio bearing his name. Then there's Patrick Lee, the lone wolf composer with a penchant for futuristic, jazz-infused beats, who cherishes "tinkering [with music] more as a scientist."

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Izm White, still in the game almost two decades later, has a Ghostface feature on his new album


Izm White (aka Hayden Laybourn) has been immersed in the local hip-hop scene since the mid-'90s, when he first started heading down from the Western Slope to Denver to compete in MC battles and attend shows. During that time, he's had some ups and downs, including releasing multiple albums, taking trips to Europe and doing a stint in prison. Through it all, Izm has continued to build his name and has grown wise in the game, which has changed dramatically over the past two decades.

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