The nine best shows in Denver from July 21 to 24

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Abigail Washburn and Bela Fleck have an eTown taping this week.
This week's concert offerings include Dierks Bentley at the big stage in Morrison and Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn taping at eTown in Boulder.

There are a few good ones in the actual city limits of Denver -- read on for our picks this week.

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Rufus Baxter gets a record deal/tries to buy coke

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Jason Isbell on Twitter: "It's a good thing to waste time with"

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Michael Wilson
Jason Isbell, playing Tuesday at the Boulder Theater and Wednesday at the Ogden, embodies all the traditions, influences and stories that make up Southern folk and country. He was raised in rural Alabama and immediately took to singing and playing guitar. He toured and wrote with Drive By Truckers. He got married, divorced and re-married. He spent many years on stage with a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand and now has just a couple under his belt without it. Over those years he's become a master storyteller, mixing his smooth Alabama accent with complex guitar melodies and traditional country themes that will make you weep, fondly reminisce on old loves and adventures, clap-along, or just yearn to spend time in a bar with one of the characters he creates.

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Sympathy F and the Sleepers brought Denver's alternative rock heyday to life at 3 Kings

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Tom Murphy
Sympathy F at 3 Kings Tavern
Ask anyone who was around the underground rock scene in Denver in the early '90s and chances are that person at least heard of Sympathy F. Since its 1991 debut at 7 South, a club now known as the hi-dive, Sympathy F became a favorite of peers and fans by virtue of its superb songwriting and the beautiful vocal harmonies of Elizabeth Rose and Tony Morales. Then as now, Sympathy F combined a kind of folk rock compositional sensibility with jazz-like rhythms and Doug Seaman's ability to play within and over the melodies with his knack for switching between inventive soundscaping and playing an electric lead to Morales' own tuneful acoustic strumming.

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Riot Fest announces new location and issues a statement: "Simply, we were duped"

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Aaron Thackeray
A fan at Riot Fest last year in Byers
After being denied special-use permits required by Arapahoe County, Riot Fest has moved its 2014 festival from May Farms outside Byers to Sports Authority Field at Mile High in downtown Denver. The dates (September 19 to 21) and schedule (see below) are unchanged. Previously purchased tickets will be honored as-is, and camping refunds will be issued starting today. Riot Fest will also offer free parking.

In addition to announcing the new location, the festival has issued a lengthy statement on the entire ordeal, including a letter from founder Mike Petryshyn. In it, he passionately expresses his connection with the family who owns May Farms and his anger at the County's decision. "And we all know if we were named Good Ole Country Riot Fest, we would have never been in this situation," it ends. You can read the whole thing below.

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Weird Al is the only part of your childhood that doesn't suck

Weird Al Yankovic
RCA - Weird Al press
Would you buy a worldview from this man?
If you are in my advertising demographic--18 to 34--the pop culture you loved as a child is terrible. The Power Rangers were terrible, the Transformers were terrible, the Ninja Turtles were terrible. Michael Bay didn't ruin any of it; it came pre-ruined. I loved all of it (I love the memory of it now) and it is really bad, inasmuch as it is impossible to enjoy when you don't have a trip with your parents to Toys R Us lined up, or when you're the one with the credit card.

This doesn't really matter, obviously, because in animated-GIF-sized bursts all of those terrible shows have made BuzzFeed and its readers very happy--it's not about the Power Rangers so much as it is being reminded you're a '90s Kid. Watching one all the way through is a bad idea, but as an excuse to talk to a friend you don't get to see very often they're fine.

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Edward Sharpe side project Crash made a debut in a small Colorado venue

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Screenshot of Crash's Motion Animal video
Christopher Michael Richard, known as Crash on stage, has been a singer and percussionist with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros since the beginning of the band in 2009, following a four year career with the Deadly Syndrome. He has embarked on his own solo project and played his second set of his first tour last weekend in Telluride.

His album, Hardly Criminal composed of eleven songs, was was released in May. But, he has only played on stage a handful of times as his solo act. His set at Fly Me To The Moon Saloon in Telluride, part of the Ride festival, was the first time most fans learned about the big-name band member's one-man project.

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Planes Mistaken for Stars is back

Aaron Thackeray. Full slideshow
Planes Mistaken For Stars played a one-off reunion show in 2011.
Gared O'Donnell is back in Denver now. He wants a cigarette badly, but with six smoke-free months under his belt, he's keeping his cool and just enjoying being back in the city he loves, despite occasional cravings. He even ran a half-marathon a little over a month ago.

"I no longer want to attack everyone I see all day long," says O'Donnell with his trademark wheezing chuckle. "My 37-year-old self could kick the shit out of my 27-year-old self." The Planes Mistaken for Stars frontman is relatively healthy and in high spirits, a far cry from what he was back in 2007, when his band called it quits and he fled Colorado. The split was amicable; O'Donnell says that after ten years of hard living on the road, he could no longer give it his all.

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Watch John Hickenlooper play banjo with Old Crow Medicine Show at Red Rocks

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Screenshot from YouTube user Justin Kraft
Word is getting around now about Governor John Hickenlooper's surprise guest appearance last night during Old Crow Medicine's show at Red Rocks. He played banjo, sang some harmonies and even took the lead for a brief verse on an old blues classic, "CC Rider."

The Governor posted a message on Twitter shortly thereafter: "Just crossed 'play banjo with Old Crow Medicine Show at Red Rocks' off my bucket list." There you have it. There are a few ways to play on one of the world's most famous stages: Become a musician famous enough to fill a 9,000 seat venue, or just get elected governor of Colorado. Too easy. There are a few videos out there at the moment, none of them spectacular. We like this one, from YouTube user Justin Kraft, the best. He's far away, but he spends most of the song focused on the big screen to the right of the stage.

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The ten best smoking sections at Denver's music venues

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Aaron Thackeray
If you smoke outside at EXDO, you might hang out with these fine people. They may or may not smoke with you.
In spite of its jogging and vegetable addiction, plenty of people in Denver still smoke. No, the other kind. The one you can get in gas stations. Some music venues are better equipped to serve smokers than others, so we've put together a roundup of the best places in town to light up. Remember, pot is still completely illegal to consume in these places. No one should even consider smoking pot at a concert. Not even for a second.

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