How Colorado Gives Day Impacted Music Nonprofits, By the Numbers

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The SpokesBUZZ team poses with their Colorado Gives Day posters in Fort Collins.
On Colorado Gives Day, consumers are encouraged to log off and support their favorite local non-profit through an online donation. Landing right before the holidays, the fundraising day is organized to end off the financial year on a high note.

Here in Denver, there are almost a dozen major non-profit organizations supporting the local music scene. And all of them were fundraising hard this week. We caught up with them to see how their Colorado Gives Day campaign turned out.

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Why Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Album Isn't Rumours

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Courtesy of Fleetwood Mac
The first two albums Fleetwood Mac (playing tonight, December 12, at the Pepsi Center) released after Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham joined Christine McVie, bassist John McVie, and drummer Mick Fleetwood provided the pop soundtrack of the late 1970s. The tender nature of singles like "Landslide," the mysticism of "Rhiannon," and the bold confessional nature of "Go Your Own Way" and "The Chain" struck a chord with anyone with a radio and a pair of working ears. Rumours would go on to be one of the top ten selling albums of all time. It continues to resonate today as much as it did when it was first released in 1977, influencing musicians for generations to come, providing the soundtrack for '90s presidential campaigns, and continuing to set itself upon the lofty perch of various "all-time best album" lists.

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New Jazz Label (R)evolve Hopes to Champion Inventive Young Artists

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Nick Spreigl and Jared Atol of (R)evolve, a new jazz label.
While studying jazz at the University of Northern Colorado, saxophonist Jared Atol and drummer Nick Spreigl, who also plays with Air Dubai, saw a lot students spending a good deal of time practicing and composing. Some would put still more time into recording albums, but then not doing anything with the work. So they started their jazz label (R)evolve to help nurture artists. Atol says the goal is "to get the music to make a bigger wave than just their family buying a few copies."

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The Greatest Industrial Tour in Recent Memory Comes to Denver Tomorrow

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Troy Shabotka
Front Line Assembly
Front Line Assembly is part of what is arguably the greatest electronic industrial music tour in years. Alongside Skinny Puppy, Haujobb and Youth Code, FLA will take the stage this Friday, December 12, at the Ogden Theatre. All together, the lineup represents major stars of experimental electronic music from their respective eras. Bill Leeb, the sole continuous member of Front Line Assembly, was also one of the early members of Skinny Puppy before leaving in 1986 to found his own project. Between Delirium and Front Line Assembly, Leeb has been an influential figure and mentor to up-and-coming artists, so it's perfect that FLA got to step in when VNV Nation had to drop out of the tour.

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Chella Negro on How Her Standup Experience Helps Make Her a Better Band Leader

Glenn Ross
Chella & The Charm
Chella & The Charm is releasing its self-titled, full-length album at the hi-dive on Friday, December 12. The folky Americana project is the latest incarnation of a band fronted by primary singer and songwriters Michelle Caponigro. Performing as Chella Negro for the last several years, Caponigro has established herself as one of the most engaging live performers in Denver, whether playing solo or with a band. Her background in theater has given Caponigro an uncommon poise and confidence on stage, and her lyrics are rich with vivid storytelling, unblinking but compassionate self-examination and pointed observations.

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Doom Metal Hero Pallbearer Knows the Value of a Good Story

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Diana Lee Zadlo
Pallbearer knows there's more to being heavy than riffs.
Being the torchbearer of the modern American doom metal movement can be a tough job, especially when you list Kansas as one of your favorite bands. But it makes sense, according to Pallbearer bass player and vocalist Joseph D. Rowland, who will be in Denver with his band this Sunday, December 14 at the Bluebird Theater, says the band's progressive tendencies are just as important as its metal roots.

"I think we are just as much a prog-rock band as we are doom metal," says Rowland from the band's recently repaired van as he drives it from Lexington, Kentucky, to the band's home base in Little Rock, Arkansas. "We're huge fans of King Crimson, Yes, Kansas . . . bands that pushed the envelope. We like telling a story through the music as well as the lyrics."

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The Fourteen Best Colorado Music Festivals of 2014

Aaron Thackeray
Fans at this year's Riot Fest.
As if the packed schedules at all the local venues weren't enough, Colorado had more festivals this year than we could keep track of. While not every one was worthy of a year-end mention, many were. From the small to the massive, from the noise to the punk, from the mountains to the city, here are our picks of the best festivals of the year.

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Remembering the Late, Great Donald Byrd

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Donald Byrd, from the House of Byrd album cover.
Yesterday brought upon us the birthday of the late, great, sir Donald Byrd. Mr. Byrd passed away on February 4th, 2013 at the age of 80. He is celebrated as one of the most influential jazz trumpeters to emerge from the bebop era, and his career spanned more than forty years.

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Giants & Pilgrims Documents the Coons Family in Music, Paintings and More

Courtesy of the Coons family.
Tim and Betony Coons started Giants and Pilgrims with the help of their daughters.
Giants & Pilgrims is one part music, one part artwork, one part online community. But the easiest way to understand the project is to think of it as the Coons family scrapbook. "There were times in my life where I felt giant, I felt mountainous, I felt big," says Tim Coons. "Then there are times where you feel impoverished, and you're on a journey and you're just trying to get somewhere. So the idea is that we're all giants and pilgrims."

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The Birthday Party That Changed Guitarist Peter Stelling's Life

Dino Perucci
Colorado's Peter Stelling has regularly played with Anders Osborne over the last year, including at the last New Orleans Jazz Fest.
When Annabel Lukins Stelling turned forty last year, she and her husband hosted one hell of a birthday bash. Two hundred fifty friends, many involved in the Colorado or national music communities, were strewn across the lawn of her Boulder home. "I am not the only one who thinks my wife is awesome," says Peter Stelling. Lukins Stelling has long been involved in the music industry. She's spent the past eleven years working for the floating festival Jam Cruise, where she is currently director of artist relations, and she and Stelling routinely host touring musicians at their home.

One frequent guest is New Orleans-based guitarist and songwriter Anders Osborne. He met Lukins Stelling more than twenty years ago, and they have been close ever since; in fact, he debuted a song about her a couple of weeks ago. He also played at her birthday party last year, which, much to everyone's surprise, proved a life-altering experience for her husband.

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