Phillip Phillips, Cut Copy, Murs shows announced

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Aaron Thackeray
Phillip Phillips stops at the Paramount Theatre on Wednesday, October 1 as part of his North American tour that kicks off next month. Reserved tickets ($39.50-$57.50) go on sale on Friday, August 29 at 10 a.m.

Cut Copy comes to the area for a pair of shows: Wednesday October 29 at the Ogden Theatre ($30 tickets are on sale now) and Tuesday, October 28 at the Boulder Theater ($30.75 tickets are on sale now).

Murs and Mayday team for two co-headlining shows: Tuesday, September 30 at the Black Sheep in Colorado Springs and Wednesday, October 1 at the Summit Music Hall. Tickets for both shows go sale on Friday, August 29 at 10 a.m.

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OutKast - Fiddler's Green - August 22, 2014

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Robert Castro of Ultra5280
There was a moment on Friday night when, in the general vicinity of an IKEA, all six feet, three inches of Waka Flocka was jumping into a crowd of teenagers, waving a Flosstradamus flag. Flosstradamus, meanwhile was sending a cacophony of drums and drum-like electronics and rapid-fire laser noises and blown-out saxophone out onto a crowd of some 15,000 more teenagers who were rubbing against each other with their eyes rolled back in their heads.

But the night didn't belong to Flosstradamus or Waka Flocka. It didn't belong to Griz, who followed them, or Diplo, who orchestrated this whole thing. It belonged to two dudes from Atlanta who started making music long before all those kids out on the lawn at Fiddler's Green were born.

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MC Frontalot Challenges You to Question the Authority of Bedtime

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Deborah Lopez
MC Frontalot
When MC Frontalot (born Damien Hess) coined the term "nerdcore," which inspired his 2000 single "Nerdcore Hiphop," he wasn't part of a movement. But around then, when artists like YTCracker and MC Hawking became more visible alongside Frontalot and MC Chris, a phenomenon emerged, inspiring two 2008 documentaries: Nerdcore Rising and Nerdcore For Life. The label has come to describe a certain kind of rapping, superficially about nerdy pursuits but containing salient (if surreal) social and political commentary.

As one of the pioneers of a movement, Frontalot (due tonight, August 25th, at Larimer Lounge) hasn't rested on his laurels, and his albums have become increasingly collaborative affairs. Frontalot's new album, Question Bedtime, available tomorrow, pushes the collaborative element even further.

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The Seven Best Concerts in Denver This Week

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Future Islands plays the Gothic on Wednesday.
Future Islands, touring on the strength of an album that has demonstrated to a much broader audience what the DIY crowd has known all along (namely that Future Islands are awesome), will be in town on Wednesday. There are a few other good ones, including MC Frontalot at Larimer Lounge and Crab Lab at Rhinoceropolis. The rest of our picks for the week follow.

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The Strange, Stupid History of Pop Music Plagiarism

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Flickr user Heinrich Klaffs
Yeah, even this guy.
Plagiarism in music is a weird concoction of money, pride and misinterpretation. We all know that nobody has written an original rock song since 1953, and the entire music industry is founded on the principle of exchanging blurry photocopies of other people's work. But that certainly doesn't stop artists from realizing a cash opportunity when they see it. Case in point: Tame Impala, an Australian psych band currently fielding accusations that their song "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" rips off Argentinian singer Pablo Ruiz's "Océano," which we can almost be sure is a song that Tame Impala have never, ever heard. It doesn't matter, money talks, and the band will inevitably get sued and be tied up in courts for years to come.

So we decided to look back on some of the more interesting cases of music plagiarism. Who among our favorite artists decided to ingloriously steal (or take inspiration from, depends on your definition,) from others? Can we learn anything, or is this just a never-ending cat fight of litigation and tears? The answer is more obvious than you'd expect.

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Remember Black Kids? They're Amazing Now.

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Tom Murphy
Black Kids at Larimer Lounge
When Black Kids seemed to disappear from the popular music landscape in the .mp3-blog heydey of 2009, it looked like another example of too much hype, too soon. If the pressure of impossible expectations is weighing on the band's members still, it sure wasn't present at Larimer Lounge, because everyone on stage seemed so engaged and lively. It was like we were getting to see a band on its way up instead of one boosted up by strangers. By having a whole heap of fun on stage, Black Kids made the show fun for the rest of us.

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The Denver Public Library Is Now One of the Best Places to Find Local Music

Denver's new home for local music
Back in December of 2013, the Denver Public Library put out a call to local musicians asking for song and album submissions to be considered for a future database that could be accessed by DPL card holders. Just like other media available for free through the system, once in place, users would get a chance to listen to music from artists all over Colorado. A few weeks ago, the Volume Denver project went live and in its first run is offering 38 EPs and full-length records from local musicians, all of which are available to the public for free streaming and download.

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The Eleven Best Concerts in Denver This Weekend

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From the "A Christmas Fucking Miracle" video.
Run the Jewels plays at the Mad Decent Block Party today.
It's a weekend of superlatives in Denver: The biggest reunion of the year (OutKast), the biggest drum set on the planet (Terry Bozzio), the king of Tex-Mex Guitar (Joe King Carrasco)...All great shows. There are more, including the annual Reggae on the Rocks and NedFest for the people who miss the old Boulder. The rest of our picks follow.

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Mile High Soul Club Will Play the 2014 Westword Dish

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Focus 4 Design
Our annual celebration of the Denver dining scene, Dish, will be Sunday, September 7 in Sculpture Park at the Denver Performing Arts Complex. Over 40 area restaurants will bring samples, and drink samples are included with the price of the ticket as well.

We're telling you about all this food and drink on this here music blog because of today's development, which is that Mile High Soul Club will play this year.

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Giddyup Kitty is a Bluegrass Band With Punk and Pop Pedigree

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Courtesy of Gittyup Kitty
Marni Pickens wasn't always the easy-going bluegrass picker she is today. "I'm a rocker chick," she says. "Even though I grew up in Colorado, I never listened to much country or bluegrass at all."

After moving from Colorado to New York City at eighteen years old, Pickens started playing bass in punk bands. In the twenty years she spent in the city before she moved back home, she played in a slew of projects and alongside legends like Joey Ramone and Ronnie Spector. It wasn't until she joined Giddyup Kitty that she began to really appreciate bluegrass.

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