The Eight Best Concerts in Denver This Week

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Erik Hess for City Pages. More here.
Brother Ali will play two shows in Colorado this week.
We're winding down the summer concert series, but there are still a few chances to get to Red Rocks this season -- this week, Jason Aldean will play there twice. Elsewhere Minneapolis rapper Brother Ali makes a couple Denver stops and Shakey Graves is scheduled for an eTown taping. The rest of our picks follow.

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Goldrush Proves There's Still Room for Thoughtful Music Festivals

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Tom Murphy
Wolf Eyes at Larimer Lounge for Goldrush 2014
As usual, the pamphlet for Goldrush was a work of art in itself, printed on quality paper with a thick, textured cover bearing a mountain landscape and a stylized G. The band profiles, written by people who clearly get the music and have a personal connection to it, were laid out in a helpful manner. A user-friendly schedule was provided in the early pages of the booklet. Someone was thinking ahead generally, and the accompanying tape compilation had a similar simple yet effective sensibility that informed the whole festival.

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Miss America by Wheary and Syntax Physic Opera Are a Perfect Match

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Julie Davis and Joseph Pope III of Miss America by Wheary.
The best new band in town at the best new bar in town. That's a bold statement, but it's that statement that lingered as Miss America by Wheary, a new project featuring Joseph Pope III, Julie Davis, Nathaniel Rateliff, James Han and Patrick Meese finished its set at Syntax Physic Opera.

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Rufus Baxter Is Very Cool

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Rubedo Is the Voice of the Music Culture of Today

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Photo by Jackie Zoeller
You might hear Rubedo anywhere. In its four and a half years of existence, the Denver trio has played at bars in San Diego and rallies in Civic Center Park. It has played a dance music festival in the shadow of an NFL stadium and an art festival on the Mexican border. It has played at Christmas time under the canopies of the Jeppesen Terminal at DIA. It has played in a backyard in Sante Fe while people danced naked around a fire.

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Jack White's New Music Video Was Filmed at Denver's Cruise Room

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Image via the "Would You Fight For My Love?" video.
Jack White has just released the second music video from this year's Lazeretto, and it's set right here in Denver. The clip was filmed during White's stop through town last month at the Cruise Room in the Oxford Hotel. The art-deco bar provides the backdrop for a pensive White ordering a drink and finding new depths in brow-furrowing; watch below.

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The Twelve Best Concerts in Denver This Weekend

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Ricky Tompkins
YACHT plays the Bluebird Theatre on Sunday
Another solid weekend of shows in Denver, with some rockabilly at the Skylark, some jazz at Dazzle and some beats at Red Rocks. We particularly recommend twelve shows this weekend: Here they are.

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Meet Denver Supergroup Miss America by Wheary

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Julie Davis and Joseph Pope III of Miss America By Wheary
For Joseph Pope III, who's played in a number of local acts like Born in the Flood, the Wheel, Fairchildren and is now the front man of Miss America by Wheary, songwriting is like falling in love.

"It's like you're in this honeymoon period, and you're just so infatuated and that's all you think about. You go to work and you think about this person," he says. "I'd go to work and I'd think about the song and so love being in that place that I often don't want it to end, and just keep exploring with the songs and don't actually bring them to completion because I want to stay in that place."

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OpenAir Live & Local Is a New TV Show Featuring Some of Colorado's Best Music

Courtesy of
Nathaniel Rateliff performs on OpenAir Live & Local.
Beginning September 27, Colorado music lovers can get a listen and look at some of the state's best musicians as they come through Colorado Public Radio's OpenAir Studios via a new television show, OpenAir Live & Local. A collaboration with the team behind local television station CPT12's Sounds on 29th, this new Saturday night program has thirteen episodes loaded up and ready to go, featuring sets from the likes of Nathaniel Rateliff, Esme Patterson, You, Me & Apollo and more.

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Everything Outkast Is Cooler Than

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Bryan Sutter for the Riverfront Times. More photos here.
Outkast, now just a handful of shows away from what looks a lot like the end of its performing career, has made something of an art form out of cleverly describing its own level of "cool." Though the Atlanta duo is far from the first rap group to do so, Big Boi and Andre 3000 have certainly made a game out of it, employing all manner of wordplay in their explanations of the matter. "Cooler than a polar bear's toenails," from 1996's ATLiens, is likely the most well-known example.

Below, you will find a list of every single thing the members of Outkast have lyrically asserted themselves to be cooler than, along with carefully thought-out, scientific explanations. Let's dig in.

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