Carcass bassist Jeff Walker: "Every bass player is just a failed guitar player."

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Adrian Erlandson
Carcass (due Wednesday, April 2, at The Summit Music Hall) were pioneers of grindcore alongside their friends in Napalm Death. By the time of its classic 1993 album Heartwork, the band had transitioned had all but fully into its melodic death metal phase. Carcass had already had a lasting impact on extreme music and when it split in 1995. Its ability to bring a melodic hook into savage angular rhythms with lyrics unblinkingly casting a critical eye on political issues that go beyond the merely topical set it apart from many of its peers. Despite calls for the band to get back together for years, the members of Carcass didn't want to tarnish its reputation for live mayhem with a subpar reunion.

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The ten best thrash-metal bands

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Slayer guitarist and expert yeller Kerry King. Photo by Brandon Marshall
Thrash metal flayed disco band Kiss before bingeing on high-speed guitars, rapid double bass drum and foul lyrics. The emergence of thrash in the early '80s poked fun at a fan base of metal historians worshiping at the altar of eyeliner. These thrash bands did the world a favor and took metal in a much-needed direction, helping the genre develop into the massive beast that it is. Here are the top ten thrash-metal bands of all time.

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Ten metal bands to watch in 2014

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Aaron Thackeray
Animals As Leaders are one of the ten metal bands to watch this year

Even though metal has smoked and drank its entire life, it will never die. This year, metal embarks on another era opening up the swinging saloon doors for new inebriated metal degenerates to steal the show. Below the radar, most of these metal bands have what it takes to break into the spotlight, all they need is a little radar love. Here are the ten metal bands to watch this year.

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The ten best Christian metal bands of all time

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Over the years, Christian metal bands have played in a variety of styles, from death metal to metalcore to '80s metal. Some artists in this realm often wish that critics and fans would focus less on the religious aspect -- claiming it detracts from the music -- while others embrace the Christian themes expressed in their songs. The result is a sound that you might never guess is based on a love for Jesus. Keep reading for a rundown of the ten best Christian metal bands of all time.

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The best metal shows in Denver in February

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Manowar is powered by lyrics crowned in fantasy-flamed swords, armor, and everything having to do with metal warfare clashing into Norse mythology. Eric Adams's powerful vocals are steeped in wordy wizardry that really drives home the aggressive themes. "Man o' War" was a heavy firepower warship used from the sixteenth century to the nineteenth, and just like the warship, Manowar is bringing its own massive armory to the Mile High City to explode eardrums.

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Eyehategod at Bluebird Theater, 1/26/14

Tom Murphy

A couple of people tried to heckle Eyehategod, but Mike Williams was took the flak deftly and turned it into comedy; you had to hand it to him. Someone yelled out, "I'm bored." Williams told the guy to come down front where there was lots of free cocaine. He then said, "You came here and paid eight hundred dollars for a ticket and you stand back there? Killer friends. Come down here. You only live once." In reality, there was nothing boring about this show beginning to end.

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The ten metaliest metal bands

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There is the best of this, the best of that, and then you have the metaliest metal bands forged by lyrical blacksmiths deep down in the mines of heavy metal. The metaliest, you know, metal. Not as in the genre-est of metal, but the bands that sing of metal the word or the scientific elements while slaying the genre of heavy metal. These metal bands have metal on the mind, metal plates in their heads, and a tendency towards a high iron diet. Keep reading for the ten metaliest metal bands.

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Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals at Summit Music Hall, with Author & Punisher, 1/15/14

Brandon Marshall

After the stage was cleared of any strange musical contraptions left behind by opening act Author & Punisher (more on that in a minute), Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals took the stage, and instantanly, it was strange seeing Anselmo on a smaller stage compared to the arena-filling epicness he brought with Pantera. Here at the Summit, he looked like your average cranky and drunk neighbor with a beer belly and a sleeveless shirt.

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Ten metal gems you might've missed in 2013

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So much metal. So little time. Three decades into extreme metal's history, bands are still finding ways to squeeze something fresh out of its carcass. Unfortunately, most people, even metal fans, don't have the bandwidth to accommodate it all and a few big albums can clog up the works pretty fast. Much of the conversation this year was dedicated to albums like Deafheaven's blackgaze epic, Sunbather, which wormed its way into the mainstream and spawned endless debates in the underground over authenticity and "trueness." These albums weren't necessarily conversation starters but shredded with unholy fervor nonetheless. So, without further delay, dive deep into the shadowy pits of the best metal albums you might've missed.

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Matt Harvey on forming Exhumed: "We were the angriest fifteen-year-olds of all time"

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Valerie Little John

Exhumed (due at Denver Black Sky this Saturday, December 14, at the Gothic Theatre) started in San Jose, California when Matt Harvey, the band's sole original member, was just fifteen years old. Rather than following the trends of the genre at the time, Exhumed has remained faithful to the older tenets of that music for the run of its career so far.

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