Fucked Up and the Futility of Defining Bands

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Dustin Rabin
A lot can happen over the course of a decade. Even the punkest of punk bands aren't immune to the curve balls life can throw.

Toronto's Fucked Up definitely falls into the category of "punkest of punk." Since its inception in 2001 Fucked Up has done just about everything possible to build a wall between itself and the mainstream. The band's members go by fake names like 10,000 Marbles, Pink Eyes and Mustard Gas. They've made sometimes outrageous, sometimes just silly claims in interviews that no one in their right mind would believe.

And of course there's the issue of the band's name. But even a band with a moniker a lot of publications won't print has to grow up sometime. For Fucked Up, that evolution has made for some very interesting music.

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Jerry Kern Has Made a Lot of Noise With the CSO, But Can It Survive Discord With the City?

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As the brass quintet launched into a sweeping rendition of an old Hollywood score, camera crews captured the historic action. This was one of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra's controversial Classically Cannabis fundraisers, possibly the first-ever symphonic marijuana celebration anywhere -- even if the private event, held at the posh new Space Gallery on Santa Fe Drive, was for the most part unremarkable. There were no psychedelic numbers squeezed into the quintet's program of jazz and ragtime favorites, no noticeably pot-fueled shenanigans from the several hundred well-dressed attendees as they sipped wine and socialized.

Out on the gallery's open-air patio, though, patrons were free to smoke the marijuana they'd brought for the occasion -- and from the media's perspective, that was all that mattered. Reporters in attendance made note of the marijuana boutonnieres pinned to many of the guests' chests, the special green neckties the musicians wore for the occasion. Such details would end up in the New York Times, the Times of London, even on TMZ.

This was far from the first time the symphony had turned heads -- and it won't be the last.

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Local Musician Kitty Vincent Opens Revolver, a Hair Salon With Sonic Appeal

Kitty Vincent.
Last year when musician and hairstylist Kitty Vincent broke her foot in a car accident, she found herself confined to the house with idle hands. "I had six months in a cast to sit on the couch and sort of dream up all of these ideas, so I've had a lot of time to put this together in my head," says Vincent. The idea for her own hair salon -- one that blends the rock n' roll culture she's been a part of her whole life and the styling she's been doing for more than than a decade -- became a reality once she was mobile again. This coming weekend, Revolver: A Salon will come to fruition with an official grand opening celebration on East Colfax.

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American Gladiator Bandstand Will Determine the Hotel-Trashing King of Denver's Bands

Flickr user ♫Ali
Event #3: "Hotel Trash and Smash"
In 2012, Thadeaous Mighell, Mitchell Pond and David Moke came up with the idea for an interactive arts festival after meeting at the now-defunct DIY space Unit E.

Soon after, Moke -- who organizes events for the Denver Theater District non-profit -- helped get the ball rolling and Blacktop was born. Although Blacktop is no more, the trio recently created something even more unique: American Gladiator Bandstand.

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Record Store Chain Reaction Opens Today in Lakewood

A Google street view from late 2012 of the building that now holds Chain Reaction Records.
Somewhere on West Colfax in Lakewood is a strip mall, virtually indistinguishable from all the others on any given stretch of the meandering 26-mile boulevard. The only thing that differentiates this particular strip mall -- for music fans, anyhow -- is that it is now the home of Chain Reaction Records, Denver's newest record store. Co-owners Josh Lent and Val Landrum have been nurturing their mutual dream of opening up a record store with a focus on punk and heavy metal for a long time, but it wasn't until recently that everything seemed to click.

"We'd been thinking about it for years, since like 2007," says Lent, "but it wasn't the right time. Our bands had been touring to California, and every single town there seemed to have its own punk record store, so why not Denver?"

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Chive Fest hopes to be among City Park's first major music festivals, despite concerns

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Flickr user mclcbooks
Keep Calm and...oh, you get the idea.
Photo-based entertainment website The Chive recently announced that it would hold a two-stage music festival called Chive Fest in City Park on August 16. The event will be among the first major admission-based, for-profit festivals held in Denver's largest park.

Some groups have expressed concern about the impact of Chive Fest, which will feature eight bands, including Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes and Talib Kweli. In response, the City of Denver asked Chive Fest organizers to host a public meeting to discuss those issues. They agreed and will hold that meeting this evening from 6 to 7 p.m in the VIP Room of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

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Riot Fest denied a permit by Arapahoe County to host festival in Byers

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Aaron Thackeray
A band performs at last year's Riot Fest.
Riot Fest, which was scheduled take place this September in the small town of Byers, has been denied the temporary-use permit it would have needed to host the music festival and carnival as it had done last year. (This story has been updated below.)

Following a public hearing in which residents of Byers voiced their concerns with the three-day punk music festival's impact on the town, including safety, traffic and noise, Arapahoe County announced today that it won't grant the permit.

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Schoolboy Q was the target of a shooting last night at Red Rocks that left three injured

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Photo by Katrina Nattress for LA Weekly. Slideshow.
Schoolboy Q in happier times.
Update: More details have emerged about last night's shooting outside Red Rocks, and it appears the shooter was targeting Schoolboy Q after his performance opening for Nas and Flying Lotus.

Schoolboy Q had just gotten into a white SUV near the south entrance of the actual amphitheater when someone who was waiting nearby opened fire. A source close to driver Brandon West tells Westword's Britt Chester that West was hit in the hand and sped off toward downtown Denver. Two other people in the car were hit, neither of them Schoolboy Q.

West got all the way to Sixth and Kalamath, where police surrounded the vehicle. The three victims were taken to Denver Health, which is where West is lying in the photo below.

Tweet by @Ladimuzikluva

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Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros fire singer, melt down on social media

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Flickr/Caitlyn Ridenour
Jade and Alex performing their duet "home" at Bonnaroo 2013.
Many of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros' songs are about Jade Castrinos, front man Alex Ebert's long time partner and co-band member. The band played a show last week without her, and the explanations came quickly and bitterly from both sides.

Castrinos updated her Instagram bio to read: "For seven years i sang and wrote music with edward sharpe. they voted me off of tour a week before they left, via email. lol." She has since changed it to, "don't let the bastards get you down..."

The band then released a statement on Facebook (which was promptly taken down) criticizing Jade's comment, saying that the decision was a long and drawn out one. Here's the since-deleted note:

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Why the Colorado Symphony's pot concerts are already a success, despite threats from the city

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Eric Gruneisen. Full slideshow.
Not a sight the public is likely to see at the current version of the Classically Cannabis series.
When Colorado Symphony Orchestra announced their Classically Cannabis concerts, a series of bring-your-own-weed performances, it sounded like a great merging of the city's classical music culture and its rising cannabis culture. But the City of Denver felt the shows violated the ban on "public" consumption of marijuana stipulated by Amendment 64. The Symphony has re-configured the events to address those concerns, and they are now by invitation only. Anyone who bought a ticket will get a refund.

Despite the confusion, the Symphony seems likely to accomplish its original goal of attracting the interest (and money) of the cannabis industry. "We've come onto the radar onto a lot of people who might not of known about the symphony prior to the event," says Colorado Symphony Director of Community and Media Relations Laura Bond. "So we're interested in building relationships with those people,"

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