The Sidewinder Tavern Is For Sale, Faces an Uncertain Future

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Tom Murphy
Bludded Head (Denton, Texas) at the Sidewinder Tavern | October 8, 2014
The future of the music venue and bar known as The Sidewinder Tavern is currently up in the air. The building housing the establishment is on sale, two years after Sidewinder opened its doors. The hundred-year-old building has been home to numerous bars over the years.

Both the business and the building itself went on the market near the beginning of October. The property itself is listed at $350,000 and the business entity at $205,000. The current leaseholders (the owners of the Sidewinder Tavern) have the first option, and prospective buyers would have to come up with a sum of $555,000 to buy out the lease. According to Fernando Guzman, son of co-owner Kyle Ramirez, a few people have come to check out the property but there are no firm offers at this time.

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Take one guess what happens on a 420 EDM Tour of Denver

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Eric Gruneisen
Travel agencies may be dying off, but 420 EDM Tours has found a niche that even websites like Orbitz and Priceline just aren't privy to yet: raging. The company has planned a series of bus-based tours that include stops at Colorado landmarks, tickets to concerts and, of course, a very open policy about marijuana.

"Electronic Dance Music and 420 cultures have always had a strong presence in Colorado," says 420 EDM's Ryan Dykstra. "We want to mix the two together and see what happens."

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A compilation to benefit homeless families on Colfax is out next week

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A year ago, local music icon and webmaster Jonny Barber released the first volume of his Colfax-themed compilation that included acts like Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Five Iron Frenzy and Andy Palmer. Now Barber is set to release the second installment of the Colfax Compilation on Tuesday, April 22, a day after the Root 40 Festival kicks off at various venues on Colfax. This year's disc includes fifteen acts, including White Fudge, BLKHRTS, the Hacks and Natural Selection.

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Ryan Tedder made (more than) $2.5 million last year

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The current cover of Billboard.
That's the big takeaway from Billboard's current cover story on Colorado-bred Ryan Tedder: He made $2.5 million in 2013 on royalties alone. The lion's share of it came from songwriting credits on songs performed by Beyonce, Ellie Goulding, Maroon 5, Demi Lovato, The Fray (hey!) and his own band, OneRepublic.

It's worth a read, but not because that sort of success says anything about the health of the music industry or that being from Colorado changes your chances at also making millions of dollars writing songs. Tedder's less an anomaly than he is (very talented) lottery winner. But the feature does offer interesting insight into the motivations and daily life of our resident pop kingmaker, as well as a preview of things to come.

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Caribou Ranch movie pushed back

Mountain Marketing Associates

Jody Savin and Randall Miller are preparing to release their latest film CBGB in a few months. If those names ring a bell, they should: These are the same filmmakers who announced plans earlier this year to start work on Caribou Records, a movie about the legendary Caribou Ranch recording studio in Nederland.

Curious to see where the film was at in production, we reached out to Nadine Jolson, the publicist for Savin and Miller's Unclaimed Freight Productions, yesterday, and she told us that Caribou Records has been pushed back. According to Jolson, the pair are about to start working on a Gregg Allman biopic, which they're in the midst of casting now and are aiming to shoot this winter.

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Fishbone frontman gets down with Judge Roughneck on "Mirror in the Bathroom"

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Judge Roughneck at Red Rocks

How rad is this: Judge Roughneck got Angelo Moore of Fishbone to sing on its new album. The tune? "Mirror in the Bathroom." Best part? He's coming to town to sit in with the guys next Saturday at Reggae on the Rocks. After frontman Byron Shaw literally dreamed up the concept, the outfit reached out to the West Coast funk punk legend through a mutual friend, and after listening to the tune, Moore was all in.

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Blue Roots Denver TV pilot filming at Lannie's

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James Speiser of Roots & Rhythm

Roots & Rhythm frontman James Speiser and KUVO DJ Erik Troe both know a few things about blues and jazz, so it's no surprise that the two came up with the concept for Blue Roots Denver, a Denver-produced program that features local blues and jazz musicians. The pilot for the show, which will feature live performances, as well as stories focusing on the state's musical history, is slated to be shot at Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret on Wednesday, August 28.

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Independent Records closing in August

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Independent Records at 937 East Colfax is closing next month. The store, which opened in August, 2000, next to the Ogden Theatre, is having a closing sale with some merchandise discounted 20 to 40 percent. The Denver store is slated to close at the end of August, but it may be earlier as sales are swift. Lewis Lambert, one of Independent's three owners, can't say exactly who will move into the space, but from the sounds of it, there's a very strong possibility that it might be another local music retailer.

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Leftover Salmon releasing new music exclusively via Breckenridge Brewery twelve-pack samplers

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Unless you're in the midst of a three-day bender, beer and leftover fish hardly sounds appetizing, much less like a good idea this early in the morning. That is, of course, unless the beer you're talking about is from Breckenridge Brewery and the fish in question is Leftover Salmon. In that case, you've got two tastes that taste great together -- or that's the hope anyway with this new pairing.

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Farewell, Yerkish. We hardly knew ye.

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After a storied run that saw several lineup changes over the years, including the exit and return of an original member and a name change from Yerkish to Lexigram and then back again, Yerkish has finally reached the end of the road. The outfit is reportedly ending on a good note, according to frontman Tim Kaminski, who spurred the decision to move on, opting to focus more on his film work. This Saturday, July 6, at the Oriental Theater, the band will call it a day in the company of the Bronze, Torch the Wagon, the Lollygags and the Cutthroat Drifters. Stop by and pay final farewell to Denver's favorite prog-rock simian sons.

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