Why Metal Supergroup Old Man Gloom Decided to Screw With the Press

Facebook/Old Man Gloom
Just a few fun lovin' guys.
Many months ago I was hired by a national music magazine to write a feature on Old Man Gloom, a supergroup of sorts featuring members of Converge, Cave In, Zozobra, Doomriders, Isis, Mammifer and more. I agreed and called the appropriate PR person to get a copy of their upcoming album, Ape of God, and set up an interview.

The interview part wasn't a problem, I was told. The music, on the other hand, would be. The band was leery about releasing the music. I know there are lots of people who don't care about what bands want. I guess I understand why someone would want to illegally download an album but I don't really get what makes a person upload one, for all the world to download. But I'm not stupid. I know it happens.

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The Bounty on John Denver's Head is Now a Year's Supply of Free Beer

Courtesy of Dad and Dude's Breweria
Last week we brought you the news that a bust of John Denver, on loan to the Colorado Music Hall of Fame by the legendary singer's estate, had been stolen from the 1STBANK Center. When security at the venue realized the bust was missing, they filed a report with the Broomfield Police Department.

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Dead Leaf Is Among Colorado's Most Exciting New Venues, But Time May Be Running Out

Courtesy of Tom Abraham
A performance at Dead Leaf earlier this year.
One of Boulder's most promising new art spaces is Dead Leaf, founded by Tom Abraham and Colin Wilcox.

Abraham is soft-spoken, every careful word seeming to come from an organized mind that, in the case of setting up events at Dead Leaf, is focused on smoothness and detail. In contrast, Wilcox gives great talks before Dead Leaf's "Silent But..." weekly silent-film series and is a bilingual intellectual who projects a haphazard, fun-loving attitude. He has also proven skilled at coordinating events and drawing young people to Dead Leaf, which opened in January. Despite their success, however, Wilcox and Abraham aren't sure whether their venue will survive the one-year mark.

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Some Monster Stole John Denver's Head

Hughes Television Network/Wikimedia
"Goodbye Again"
When John Denver became the first inductee in the Colorado Music Hall of Fame, the legendary singer's estate donated a bronze bust to the the Hall's collection.

It has been on display in the 1STBANK Center for the past three years, where it was at the start of Tuesday's Saints and Sinners Halloween Ball, hosted by KBPI (106.7 FM) and headlined by Five Finger Death Punch. Sometime during the show, John Denver's head disappeared, presumably in the hands of a sinner.

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OpenAir Live & Local Is a New TV Show Featuring Some of Colorado's Best Music

Courtesy of cpr.org.
Nathaniel Rateliff performs on OpenAir Live & Local.
Beginning September 27, Colorado music lovers can get a listen and look at some of the state's best musicians as they come through Colorado Public Radio's OpenAir Studios via a new television show, OpenAir Live & Local. A collaboration with the team behind local television station CPT12's Sounds on 29th, this new Saturday night program has thirteen episodes loaded up and ready to go, featuring sets from the likes of Nathaniel Rateliff, Esme Patterson, You, Me & Apollo and more.

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The Denver Public Library Is Now One of the Best Places to Find Local Music

Denver's new home for local music
Back in December of 2013, the Denver Public Library put out a call to local musicians asking for song and album submissions to be considered for a future database that could be accessed by DPL card holders. Just like other media available for free through the system, once in place, users would get a chance to listen to music from artists all over Colorado. A few weeks ago, the Volume Denver project went live and in its first run is offering 38 EPs and full-length records from local musicians, all of which are available to the public for free streaming and download.

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American Gladiator Bandstand Will Determine the Hotel-Trashing King of Denver's Bands

Flickr user ♫Ali
Event #3: "Hotel Trash and Smash"
In 2012, Thadeaous Mighell, Mitchell Pond and David Moke came up with the idea for an interactive arts festival after meeting at the now-defunct DIY space Unit E.

Soon after, Moke -- who organizes events for the Denver Theater District non-profit -- helped get the ball rolling and Blacktop was born. Although Blacktop is no more, the trio recently created something even more unique: American Gladiator Bandstand.

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Lotus Will Perform a Talking Heads Tribute Set at Red Rocks

Lotus performing at Red Rocks in 2012. Photo by Britt Chester
Genre-defying five-piece dance and jam band Lotus will be playing its annual Red Rocks show on September 19. The set was originally targeted to support of the band's most recent album Gilded Age, but after the group debuted a successful new Talking Heads tribute set, featuring Gabriel Otto of Denver's Pan Astral , at Gathering of the Vibes in Connecticut two weeks ago, Lotus has decided to bring that same set -- called Talking Heads Deconstructed -- to its show in Denver. Otto will sing at Red Rocks as well.

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Why Almost Every Song About Baseball Is Terrible

Flickr user Max and Dee Stark
How are you screwing up this subject matter so horribly??

Baseball fans will wear their favorite player's name across their back, as adults, before and after Halloween. They will fill their bookshelves with histories and biographies and fantasy guides the size of the yellow pages, and they will keep them long after the actual yellow pages have been recycled or stacked up in hoarders' living rooms.

They will almost always avoid baseball music, though. Because baseball music is almost always terrible.

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The summer concert series is a major source of revenue for the Botanic Gardens

Brandon Marshall
When Joan Baez played at the Botanic Gardens a few weeks ago, she kicked off her shoes and danced around the stage, pulling her keyboard player away from his instrument to join her. As she did, people in the audience got up from their blankets and danced too, because how often do you get the chance to dance alongside a folk legend in a field surrounded by flowers?

The Botanic Gardens Summer Concert Series is a decades-long tradition. For years, the Gardens have been inviting music-lovers to load up picnic baskets, grab a blanket, and relax in the middle of the gardens with some of music's biggest names. The concerts are intimate. The setting is enchanting. But, make no mistake, you're going to pay for it.

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