Denver has more live music venues than Austin. Does it matter?

Various Denver shows. Photos by Ken Hamblin, Eric Gruneisen and Brandon Marshall
Governor John Hickenlooper has been insisting that Denver has more music venues than Austin since he was mayor of Denver. It's an interesting claim. But is it true?

The two cities aren't bad for comparison's sake. The population of the city of Denver is a little over 634,000 people, with 2.6 million in the metropolitan area. Austin has some 842,000 people within the city limits and 1.8 million in the metro area.

To make the case, we asked Westword clubs editor Jon Solomon, who has spent countless hours entering every single show in town into our concert calendar, to count Denver's live-music venues using the following criteria: "These are all the venues that I, someone who writes about music for a living, will frequent in an effort to see original music, be it local or via a touring act."

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A shoe was used in an attempted stabbing at Cervantes', and Will Howze turned it into art

Eric Gruneisen
The Ph.D of Ratchetology, by Will Howze

The shoe is black and has a four-inch heel. It entered Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom on Friday for the SnowBall After Party as a piece of clothing. Late in the night, it became a weapon. And soon, it will return to Cervantes' covered in paint, thanks to Nerf gun artist and passionate music fan Will Howze.

He's working on the shoe right now, Sunday night at SnowBall Music Festival itself, while Pretty Lights provides a bombing of bass in the background. Howze wouldn't start by describing what he is doing to the shoe as art. It's not a sufficiently populist description for him. He has named it, however. Holding the thing aloft, he proclaims it, "The Ph.D of Ratchetology."

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Submit a T-Shirt design for this summer's City Park Jazz series for a chance to win $500

Aaron Thackeray

For nearly three decades, the City Park Jazz series has been filling the Mile High City with colorful sounds and vibrations. Packing a picnic and spreading out a blanket in front of the pavilion has become a veritable rite of summer. Organizers are once again giving the area's most talented designers a chance to have their design immortalized on a commemorative T-shirt.

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Kissing Party gets in the holiday spirit with Winter In the Pub, a new EP and two videos

Meet the Ice Man, from Kissing Party's "Pretty Lights" video

Every Christmas for the past four years, Kissing Party has released a song in honor of the holiday, but this year, the band has put together an entire EP. Cheekily titled Winter in the Pub, the digital platter, which contains past songs along with two new ones, can be downloaded directly from the band's website. The music, which isn't too far removed from the Party's usual winsome, sometimes melancholy pop confection, has church bells, strings and sleigh bells to give it the right holiday-season sonic trappings.

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DJ Cavem featured in October issue of O

DJ Cavem

It's always a thrilling for artists to see themselves written up in the pages of a magazine, even more so if that publication happens to be national. Needless to say, DJ Cavem is totally hyped right now. The MC and Westword MasterMind recipient is featured prominently in the October issue of O, Oprah Winfrey's magazine, which is on stands now.

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See the Lumineers' sold-out show at Red Rocks


Miss your chance to snag some tickets for this weekend's sold-out Lumineers shows at Red Rocks (the first night for Channel 93.3's Big Gig, or the band's tour sendoff the second night)? There, there. It'll be alright. We've got some news to make you feel better. What's that? Oh, no, sorry. We don't have tickets or anything like that this time. That's the hottest ticket in town this weekend, and those shows have been sold out for a while now. Can't help you there. Alas, though, here's the next best thing...

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Uncle Nasty back on the air at 107.1 Jack FM

He's back! After being unceremoniously let go at KBPI this past December by Clear Channel, Greg Stone, aka Uncle Nasty, is back on the air in Denver.

The popular DJ and longtime local music supporter, who was a radio staple in the Mile High City for the better part of two decades, has been picked up by 107.1 Jack FM. Stone began broadcasting earlier this week, and he'll be making various appearances here and there, including the one today at Jackson's in LoDo in honor of opening day.

While his air time at Jack is notably concise compared to his previous afternoon drive time show, for legions of Hail Nasty devotees, it's just been nice to hear his familiar voice again. We all wondered when he'd be back.

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Global DJ Academy's School of Beats program teaches the fine art of deejaying

Josh Winstead

Denver has always been a hotbed for EDM, but that's even more true these days. With that in mind, Walt White, owner and founder of Global DJ Academy (formerly Colorado DJ Academy), saw an opportunity to engage the eager fans who want to move from spectators to participants and actually step behind the decks themselves and get some real-life experience. "I wanted something for students who are beyond the beginner level but still have to learn the art of performance," says White, who also works with Triad Dragons Productions.

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Matt Rutherford's unlikely trip around the Americas reconnected him with Spoke In Wordz


Matt Rutherford spent more than 300 days sailing around the world in a small boat. Many thought this dubious expedition was impossible, but not only did he complete it, he's now the subject of a new documentary, a film that his old friend and former classmate, Spoke In Wordz, has been tasked with soundtracking. Rutherford is the first person in history to sail around both continents of the Americas alone, and he did it with no radar and no previous sailing experience or any formal aptitude. "No one has ever done it," notes Amy Flannery, director of A Red Dot on the Ocean, the documentary being produced by sailing expert Tory Salvia. "And I don't think anyone else ever will."

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Girls Rock Denver 2012: The ladies of our local scene teach a new generation of girls how to rock

Girls Rock Denver 2012 band, The Hopeless Pickles of Pizazz

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Last week, Girls Rock Denver put on its annual summer camp and finale showcase at the Oriental Theater. Over the course of a week, fifty girls ages eight to eighteen formed ten bands -- some working with instruments for the very first time -- and created an original song together. Along the way, there were workshops on important women in music, self-esteem and stage presence, DIY merchandise and more.

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