A butt-level view of music festival fashion in 2014

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All photos by Kalyn Heffernan

Editor: Kalyn Heffernan is a familiar voice to many regular readers of Backbeat. We've written about her band several times over the years. And this week, she's been sending us commentary on her third trip to Austin for SXSW. Read about why she still thinks it's worth it to go, and see every outfit she wore while there.

Today, we bring you her final dispatch: a festival fashion update from a butt-level view. "Flannels are in, leather is back, print is everywhere, shorts get shorter, it's okay for men to wear dresses," says Heffernan. "And jeans are still a thing."

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Photos: Every outfit Wheelchair Sports Camp's Kalyn Heffernan wore at SXSW 2014

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All photos courtesy of Wheelchair Sports Camp
Editor: As she has in years past, Kalyn Heffernan from Wheelchair Sports Camp is documenting the band's trip to Austin for SXSW. Today, she's sent us portraits of each of the four outfits she wore at the festival this year. "I packed a good twenty-plus shirts/tanks, too many hats, shoes, and a bunch of shorts i wasn't able to wear this SXSW," she says. "More than half of my outfits were out of the question: Here were the few that made it. I always do my best rep my peoples on the road."

What she means by "out of the question" could be anything. Maybe it's the expected weather concerns (i.e. too cold for shorts), but there is very little about Kalyn Heffernan that qualifies as "expected." Some of her outfits may in fact have been risky legally for any number of reasons. Then again, maybe not. Historically, the possibility of getting arrested hasn't prevented her from doing much of anything. Regardless, we are confident you'll agree she made some excellent decisions.

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Mosh pit do's and don'ts: A photo guide with your host, Children of Bodom

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Photo by Brandon Marshall. There are more in the slideshow.
Ah, the mosh pit. Keep your club night bumping and grinding and give me a good old fashioned pummeling. That's where the adrenaline is, where some of the best kinds of release can be found in live music. Plus, there are way fewer boners. Every concert is improved with fewer boners.

Still, the pit can be a tricky proposition. It can escalate to a bad place quickly, either because someone's just actually beating the crap out of people or because it gets to the point that the music becomes an afterthought. There is a subtle art to getting it right, to finding the frenzy without the fight. Finlandian death metal band Children of Bodom made its way to Summit Music Hall last night, where its fans put on an absolute clinic. Just truly masterful stuff. Photographer Brandon Marshall was there to capture the technique the rest of us can learn from.

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Photos: First look at the 1Up Colfax, renamed bar and music venue's grand opening tonight

All photos by Jon Solomon

A year after opening the 1UP in LoDo, owner Jourdan Adler took over the former home of Pete's Monkey Bar in the summer of 2012 and put his second arcade-themed bar, the 2UP, in that space. Last April, Adler secured the space next door, which once housed Kitty's East for decades. After completely renovating the place and turning it into a 500-person music venue, the 1Up Colfax, as the club will now be known (the downtown location is now the 1Up LoDo), celebrates its grand opening tonight with Yamn.

See also: The 2UP leases Kitty's East space, plans to open music space

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Photos: Gregory Alan Isakov and the Colorado Symphony rehearsal at Boettcher Concert Hall

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All photos by Brandon Marshall

It wasn't all that long ago that Gregory Alan Isakov was striving to make a name for himself playing shows at the Meadowlark. Before his music was being touted in the New York Times, he was a humble singer-songwriter who lived in an Airstream trailer outside Niwot with a voice and presence capable of hushing the noisiest of crowds. Tonight, as yet another example of the Colorado Symphony's ongoing efforts to create innovative and collaborative programming, the Symphony is performing with the lauded singer-songwriter at Boettcher Concert Hall. Our photographer Brandon Marshall was at rehearsal yesterday, and brought back these shots.

See also: Gregory Alan Isakov gets back to the land

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Photos: What Halloween in Denver looked like last night through our photographers' lenses

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Aaron Thackeray
The one and only Riff Raff at Vinyl.

It was a wild night last night in Denver, though we're sure no one needs to tell you that. You're probably just barely recovering from spending an hour this morning washing off the grease paint and chugging your coffee trying to shake off that hangover. Amirite? A trio of our resident shutterbugs were on duty last night at Vinyl, where the inimitable Riff Raff held court, at 1STBANK Center, where Grizmatik and company tore it up, and at the Gothic Theatre, where DeVotchKa had everybody spellbound. Continue on to see some highlights from the evening.

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Photos: Katy Perry at Lakewood High School

ABC/Paul Trantow

Katy Perry is brilliant. And, no, that's not an assessment of her music -- although, to wit, the gal does have a knack for injecting just the right amount of passion and pathos into her pop songs that makes them resonate, as evidenced by the impassioned expressions on the faces of the young ladies from Lakewood High School, who sang along with every word to her songs... that she performed at their school this morning... on live television. That's the brilliant part.

See also: Watch: Katy Perry "Roar" lip dub video by Lakewood High School in Colorado

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The twenty best hairdos at Riot Fest Denver

All photos by Eric Gruneisen unless otherwise noted

There was many magnificent manes at Riot Fest Denver this past weekend. We sent Eric Gruneisen out roaming the grounds in search of the most stunning locks, and he came across a wide variety of colorful hairstyles, from vibrant candy-colored 'dos to mohawks a plenty. Keep reading to see the twenty best hairdos at Riot Fest Denver.

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The twenty best tattoos at Riot Fest Denver

All photos by Eric Gruneisen unless noted

There was some beautiful body ink at Riot Fest Denver this past weekend. We sent one of our resident shutterbugs, Eric Gruneisen, out roaming the grounds in search of the freshest ink, and he came across a wide variety of colorful adornments, including some musically themed art, a couple guitars and several vintage mics. Keep reading to see the twenty best tattoos at Riot Fest Denver.

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Photos: The Lumineers rehearsal with the Colorado Symphony at Boettcher Concert Hall

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All photos by Brandon Marshall

By now, you've probably heard about the Colorado Symphony's latest collaboration. After several lauded pairings with beloved local acts like DeVotchKa and Nathaniel Rateliff, with whom the players successfully teamed up at this year's Westword Music Showcase, the Symphony backed the Lumineers on a few songs up at Red Rocks. Last week at Boettcher, the two rehearsed the songs, which were charted by Tom Hagerman. Open Air captured the whole rehearsal and will broadcast it later this week. Meanwhile, here are some some choice shots from our photographer Brandon Marshall.

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