According to the Summit Music Conference, Denver is ready for a hip-hop breakthrough


Over the weekend, the Summit Music Conference and Showcase took over Casselman's for a day. A panel consisting of people with ties to Sirius/XM Radio, Warner Music, Atlantic Records and more discussed ways artists in Denver can help the hip-hop scene ascend to new heights. There are those in Denver who see the path to success leading them out of the Mile High, but the panel at the Summit Music Conference Saturday had a very different perception. Panelist Amber Ravenel put in place the following theme for the day: "It starts at home."More »

The Denver Record Collectors Spring Expo is a music fan's paradise

Ken Hamblin
Hidden down in a convention hall of a nondescript hotel off the highway north of Denver was a record lover's paradise this weekend: the Denver Record Collectors Spring Expo.

At the convention hall all day Sunday were dozens of vendors, each selling thousands of records, CDs and more. This wasn't just a place to stop by and grab another copy of Sgt. Peppers you lost in that last move -- there were 45s from the 1950s, a sealed Lenny Bruce record, the Ben Hur soundtrack on CD, a VHS copy of High Fidelity next to an old book on the Clash, racks of Paul McCartney and Velvet Underground shirts, posters from Modest Mouse's last show in Broomfield, and more from enthusiastic vendors ready to sell to equally enthusiastic buyers.

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Why California's Snow Tha Product thinks of Denver as a second home

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Snow signs a hat. Photo by Antonio Valenzuela
A full crowd, mostly comprising young women, pilled into Cervantes' last night to support their new idol: Snow tha Product. The buzz the rapper has generated in a short time was evident: The energy at the sold-out show was vibrant. Many people have identified with the rising star, who raps from a perspective of defiance for those who have doubted her, and with a warming embrace for those who support her.

Originally scheduled to be at the smaller Roxy Theater a block away, Snow filled Cervantes' with people and energy unlike any hip-hop show in recent memory. The crowd was packed with hundreds of young Latinas doing their best impression of the hot young star. And she returned the love, saying, "Denver is the first city I ever sold out a show -- it has just gone so far beyond that now."

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Review: Black Joe Lewis at Bluebird, 11/25/13

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Leslie Simon

Last night's Black Joe Lewis show at Bluebird showed that the garage heavy sound all over the band's latest release, Electric Slave, sounds incredible live and has really rejuvenated old hits. Now that the group has dropped "and the Honeybears" from its moniker, there is a little more focus on Joe Lewis himself, namely his Hendrix-like guitar skills and antics, and that insanely gorgeous distorted tone that he obtains sound checking his own guitar before the crowd.

See also: Black Joe Lewis: "I always just figured I'd play the type of music I enjoy listening to."

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Live Review: Talib Kweli at Cervantes' Masterpiece, with Big K.R.I.T., 10/27/13

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Antonio Valenzuela

Last night, Cervantes' hosted one of the more interesting pairings in recent memory. The bill featured Talib Kweli, a New York native often lumped in the conscious rap category, and Big K.R.I.T. a Southern Rapper with a huge underground following and more street appeal. Oddly, as much as Big K.R.I.T.'s pronounced drawl recalls Pimp C, it was Kweli who took the time out to dedicate a track to the fallen UGK member. The show was a wonderful contrast of styles and blending of crowds with both acts delivering commanding sets.

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Live Review: Tame Impala at Ogden Theatre, with White Denim, 10/28/13

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It's not exactly an original observation at this point to note how the members of Tame Impala are revivalists that evoke the spirit of '60s and '70s sound; yet when the band begins its set with songs like "Desire Be, Desire Go," "Keep on Lying" and "Solitude is Bliss," it's impossible not to drawn comparisons to the likes of John Lennon and the Jimi Hendrix Experience. With introspective, reflective lyrics and expansive, sometimes frenetic, instrumental interludes, the band made it feel like we'd walked in on one glorious, perfect garage jam session.

See also: Tame Impala at the Bluebird, 12/4/10

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Tennis at Meese UMS Day Party, with Night Sweats, Magic Trick and more, 7/20/13

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Samantha Alviani

Just a block off of Broadway, in a nondescript Baker-neighborhood house lived in by Tennis' sometimes drummer-sometimes bass player Patrick Meese and his wife, we saw a very different side of UMS. The party felt like it was thrown together in a pinch with a bunch of friends playing low-key sets in the shade of their backyard -- even with passerbys streaming in from the streets and sponsorship provided by the Denver Film Society.

See also:
- Once "thrown into the fire," Tennis emerges with Young & Old
- Nathaniel Rateliff is one of Denver's most lauded and admired singer-songwriters
- Nathaniel Rateliff reinvents himself with the Night Sweats

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Velvet Acid Christ at Casselman's, 2/9/13

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Tom Murphy
Velvet Acid Christ on stage at Casselman's Bar & Venue in Denver


At one point or another during Velvet Acid Christ's set, Bryan Erickson became winded, and he joked about how it was the altitude. He then said it was probably that he was out of shape because of too much eating, and then noted how at this age, he would have to eat less and less in order to lose weight. All joking aside, Erickson proved to be a lively performer whose sense of humor did nothing to distract one from the visceral power of this music live.

See also:
- For the first time in more than a decade, Velvet Acid Christ performs live
- Bryan Erickson of Velvet Acid Christ on keeping friendships to a minimum make time for music
- Review + photos: The Photo Atlas at the hi-dive, 2/8/13

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Dom Kennedy at Larimer Lounge, 12/03/12

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Antonio Valenzuela
Dom Kennedy last night at the Larimer Lounge.


Dom Kennedy hit the stage to a packed house at the Larimer Lounge last night, and, riding a wave of nostalgia, he urged, "If you're a '90's baby, put ya hands up." Rocking a fitted Dodgers hat and Stanford hoodie and backed by his OpM crew, Kennedy wooed the crowd with soulful samples and party records reviving that old West Coast fun loving style, proclaiming, "You ain't heard nobody like this since Snoop," during his song, "I Love Dom."

See also: Dom Kennedy on the Yellow Album and the advantages of being an independent artist

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The Killers at 1STBANK Center, 11/29/12

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Wyatt Boswell
Brandon Flowers of the Killers last night at 1STBANK Center.


Somebody told me a few years ago that the Killers were over, that their talent was gone, and their stride ended after Hot Fuss. Apparently, nobody told Brandon Flowers. After one of the most surprisingly strong rock shows we've seen this year, it was clear why we should all still keep the faith. The Mr. Brightside crew has only gotten better. The comparisons to a young U2 were well-deserved last night.

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- Review: The Killers at Red Rocks, 9/9/09
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- Brandon Flowers at the Ogden Theatre, 11/18/10
- Best of Denver 2004: Best Concert, Killers at Larimer
- Profile: The Killers move forward into the past
- Vegas, Baby! Meet Danny Vegas, the Sin City showman the Killers love

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